The New Diet: Jimmy Kimmel’s Way

March 15th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

Celebrity videos parodying real life American ideas are one hilarious use of the new age technology we have today. Right up there with “I Just Had Sex” is the Jimmy Kimmel spoof he aired on his show last night. Making fun of the many infomercials promising extreme weight loss, Jimmy has come up with the “Jimmy K” diet plan.

Many A-list beauties graced the film promising great results while standing next to fat, sometimes male, bodies with their heads superimposed. We see Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson just to name a few. Biel praises the diet, “Hi. I’m world famous. And thanks to Jimmy K, I’m not a big fat f****** whale.” While Scarlett discusses her troubles prior to finding Jimmy K. “I hired a ninja to slap the food out of my hand before I could eat it.”

Luckily the ladies found Jimmy, who offers to reduce your calorie intake by a whopping 80 percent!! All you have to do is allow Jimmy to eat four-fifths of the food off of your plate. The rest is “real science” as the food is digested through Jimmy’s stomache. They even offer a home delivery service where Jimmy has pre-eaten the food right off of your plate. Wow, how has anyone lived without this miracle? Watch for yourself, after the jump.

By Lauren Jensen

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