Jimmy Fallon Sees Tavi Gevinson’s Bitchface [VIDEO]

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Figure It Out
Tavi Gevinson on understanding fashion.
Jimmy Fallon usually hosts the best interviews. His interview with Paul Wesley from 2011 still makes me laugh. Celebrities really seem to relax around him. Maybe the fact that he is a comedian helps people unwind and have a good time around him. Sixteen year old blogger, Tavi Gevinson is no exception to the rule.

Anyone who is a fan of her knows all about her blog. At thirteen she went to her first New York Fashion Week. Imagine being thirteen sitting next to Bjork of all people! How incredible would that be?

Gevinson’s bitchface soon made an appearance. Everyone is probably wondering, “what in the world is a bitchface?” Watch the interview to find out. Oh, and you’ll discover that Jimmy Fallon is actually a teenage girl. I think his voice cracked from happiness when he learned the truth about himself.