Jimmy Fallon Reads #IUsedToThink Hashtag [VIDEO]

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Twitter has become quite a powerful social media platform. If you want to start a trend to get information out, Twitter is definitely the best place to go. Jimmy Fallon definitely took note of this.

He asked his followers to send him tweets with the hashtag “#IUsedToThink”. I remember seeing this in the trending topic and wondering who started this. Obviously I didn’t know it was Jimmy Fallon, or I would have submitted something. The ones he found amusing, or even a little strange were read on his show Friday night.

Hashtags are supposed to be more difficult to trend, but I guess when you have a relatively large fanbase, it makes it easier. Many people probably submitted something without realizing they had the opportunity to appear on Fallon’s show.

My favorite is, “I used to think Ellen DeGeneres was called Ellen THE Generous because she was so generous.” It was submitted by @gaylesharon. Sadly, I used to think the same thing. Glad to know I wasn’t alone!

You may have missed the opportunity to get on his show, but you can still tell us about what you used to think. Obviously since this isn’t Twitter, you don’t need to use a hashtag. Watch the video and submit some weird or interesting “I used to think” comments. We’d love to read what you have to say!