Jimmy Fallon Foresees George And Stacy’s Split In ‘Celebrity Whispers’ [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon is a clever guy.  Every time a skit of his comes on, I stop everything and watch.  Downton Sixbey was a spot-on spoof of the Masterpiece Classic, with Fred Armisen perfectly cast (sorry, Laura Carmichael) as Lady Edith.

Last night, Fallon introduced a new round of red carpet whispertons on his series, Celebrity Whispers.  The late night’s host’s alter ego, Peggy Hess hosted a handful of snippets from celebs on the red carpet, using a very sensitive mic to get in there and hear what was being said.

As funny as George Clooney’s clip with Stacy Keibler at the Oscars was, it looks to be a foreshadow of their future together (and their relationship as a whole, for that matter).