Jim Carrey Comments On Elin Woods

April 10th, 2010 // 5 Comments

This one is kind of weird.  Apparently, Jim Carrey tweeted a bit yesterday about the Tiger Woods kerfuffle.

I made a Tiger joke today, but after listening 2 Payne’s speech I think it’s time we checked our collective EGO and let the guy play! d;^

If you really wanna see sexual disfunction get 2 know your favorite basketball star! Curling is the only safe sport 4 a married man! d;^’

Tiger Woods owes nothing 2 anyone but himself. 2 please his father he gave up his childhood and his freedom in the world. That’s enough!—>

No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle ;^)

Despite the fact his opinions are tardy for the party and his emoticons are overcomplicated, he makes some good points, especially about Elin Nordegren.  Certainly nothing that hasn’t been brought up already.  I’m just not sure why he felt like sharing now.  Maybe he’s bored now that Jenny McCarthy split.  Get off the Twitter and play with you grandson, old man!

Next on the Jim Carrey news hour, his awesome-looking gay comedy I Love You Phillip Morris, has been shelved permanently by it’s distributor.  I know!  I’m shocked, too!  We’ve been hearing about this one for a while, and we’ve all enjoyed the sweet kisses shared by Jim and his costar Ewan McGregor.

It’s a mystery considering the good buzz the film generated.  I know I was looking forward to it.

The Wrap seems to think Jim is cursed.  He’s gone through this a few times with a movie called Used Guys costarring Ben Stiller, a Tim Burton movie about Robert Ripley called Believe It or Not (OMG, that sounds awesome), and now this.

They make a convincing argument.  Free Jim Carrey!

For the record, these pictures are from May of last year at A Christmas Carol even in LA.  Can someone tell me why Jim is wearing Michael Jackson’s pajamas?

By Nicole Steadman

  1. joetheplumber

    Jim Carey is absolutely right. 30 plus women and she hasn’t left yet because she already knew something. The media is lying to us about how surprised they where as well. The man was said to have had 30 plus women following him, Jordan and Barkley around Vegas. That doesn’t sound like hiding or sneaking around if you ask me. The man grew up as a golf player its not like he was a football or baseball Jock. He was probably making up for lost time in high school. And now they have him going to sex rehab. He’s not an addict. Tiger really didn’t think that the media would do him like that because everybody else was doing it. He was an Uncle Tom (and safe) before he did that HBO special about Barack after that I guess he became prey. Tiger wasn’t going to break the law so the media did the best they could do.

  2. Carmen

    I think that is a hideous and beastly thing to say!!! Only an insensitive man like Jim Carey can put the blame on Elin Nordegren and his sympathy on a man like Tiger Woods. The entire world knows that Tiger Woods took advantage of his decent, loyal wife, Elin Nordegreen, savagely betraying her trust and love. We all know that Tiger has accepted publicly his guilt and has repeatedly apologized to his wife, saying that Elin deserves praise not blame. It seems that Jim Carey assessment of the situation is very, very wrong.

  3. joetheplumber

    She could have killed Tiger with pills and a golf club. Elin reminds me of O.J. and Chris Brown!! But the media didn’t take the story in that direction. Jim Carrey is right and should have gone farther in on that b!tch. If she is Tigers wife then why do white people keep calling her Elin Nordegren. “Racist krackers the name Elin Woods”. This b!tch ain’t famous!!!!

  4. nicola

    that’s a shame about the phillip morris movie it sounds like a laugh…surely they’ll sell it as a DVD?

  5. Johne568

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