Jim Toth’s Mustache Is Really Creeping Me Out [PHOTOS]

He’s most likely a wonderful dad, doting husband and all-around good guy, but I must insist that Jim Toth do something about that mustache.  I’m not totally in love with the hair either.

Toth and the wife (Reese Witherspoon) had lunch together today (November 14th) in Beverly Hills, and Toth gets an F- for his Silverlake hipster get-up.  Brosef must have had a few emo clients to tend to.  Put on a decent-looking suit, man!  You were wearing a quilted vest just this weekend and looked so sharp!

At Deacon Phillippe’s soccer game on Saturday, Toth and Witherspoon’s ex, Ryan Phillippe seemed to get on just fine.  “They were both very involved in the game and kept cheering and clapping. Including Reese, they all seemed to have fun watching Deacon play,” a source told People.  “Jim and Ryan seemed to get along great.”