Jill Stuart Isn’t Showing Love for Lindsay’s Knife Wielding, Lesbian Trysts, or Drunken Mishaps

After Lindsay continues to circle the drain the money behind the Jill Stuart label is threatening to pull out. The New York Daily News was filled in by a reliable source who stated that:

“The Japanese (Jill Stuart) licensee paid for it, and they wanted to pull the plug when she went to rehab. Japan accounts for the lion’s share of the business. The day Lindsay appeared on the front page of the newspaper crashed out in the front seat of the SUV, the Japanese informed (Jill Stuart CEO) Ron Curtis they no longer wanted to be involved. And they are the ones who financed the campaign.”

But Ron defends the rumors by firing back, “The ads are running as planned, and we have the utmost support for Lindsay and her rehabilitation, and she is doing great.” Maybe this is why more and more of the veterans of Hollywood are scoring campaigns with fashion and beauty giants. Kate Winslet recently scored the role of spokeswoman for Lancome. Kate will back the latest fragrance “Tresor.”

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