Jill Zarin Talks About Her “Liquid Facelift”

Jill Zarin knows we’re all talking about her updated face, so she cleared the air to People Magazine.  “I have a liquid facelift every six months,” she told the mag.  “It really works.  No knives!”

Zarin started visiting Dr. Patricia Wexler a year ago to start the “liquid facelift.”  Dr. Wexler lifts the Real Housewife’s mug by injecting Restylne along the patient’s jawline and up the sides of her face.  This superfun procedure can set you back as much as $3,000 per visit.

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Zarin admits that the procedure’s pretty painful, but sucks it up for the sake of her youth.  She told People, “I won’t say it doesn’t hurt.  But it’s 100 percent worth it.  She took ten years off my face.”  Zarin also told the magazine she gets Botox in her forehead, between her eyes and in her neck because she’s scared she’s “scared to get a turkey neck.”  I’m no doctor, but I’ve heard from a few reliable sources that getting Botox in your neck isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do, since it freezes muscles.

We were also curious to see if Zarin got a new nose.  Nope.  She just has a good makeup artist, Jim Crawford.  “He put brown contouring makeup on my nose and thinned it out.”

Betcha Ramona Singer is sooooo jealous of her co-star’s renewal.  And would Zarin mind retiring her Maddona-Circa-“Vogue” ponytail that she sported at the Wendy Williams Show yesterday?  I was over it the moment she debuted that and the bustier on Watch What Happens: Live.