Jill Zarin Say Whaaaaaat?

Jill Zarin stopped by the Us Magazine offices in New York to talk about herself, not letting sister Lisa Wexler get a word in edge-wise.  For a lot of Real Housewives Of New York fans, Madame Zarin has fallen from grace for her pissy diva antics.  Once upon a time I loved Mama Zarin, but since her falling out with Bethenny Frankel I haven’t been in love with Bahhhby’s domineering wife.

In a video filmed for the magazine (check it out after the jump), the Long Island native talked freely about not having Frankel on the series anymore.  Zarin didn’t think the Bethenny Ever After star “ever really fit into the group.” That, says Zarin, is probably the reason she got her own show.  Definitely, Jill.  For no other reason than a strong dislike for humanity did Frankel get her own show.  Zarin then talked about how great filming season four was, calling it her “favorite.” Of course it was your favorite!  After your star fell last season, there was nowhere to go but up.

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Zarin and sister Lisa also boast self-defense as one of the teachings in their book, Secrets Of A Jewish Mother, but I think they confuse self-defense with using violence as a resolution.  In Lisa’s only 15 seconds, she recalled a time at camp where she beat up a bully.  That’s not self-defense.  That’s straight up violent behavior.

The fourth season of The Real Housewives Of New York City premieres April 7th on Bravo