Jet-Setting Kellan Lutz Adopts A Dog

It would seem that with all the world traveling, Twilight star Kellan Lutz has been doing lately, the last thing he would need would be a dog. But it sounds as if their meeting was meant to be.

Kellan tells, “I just adopted a new dog, Kevin. I found a stray on the street. He’s like a little Chihuahua that all the neighbors were into.” The New Moon actor adds, “I don’t know why, but he just lay on the street and acted dead and all these cars drove around him.”

Luckily, though, the little guy is travel-ready. Kellan confesses, “I’m going home to Arizona, which I only get to do once a year. So I’m taking him to Arizona, too.”

Uh oh, I’m going predict that Twifans start inexplicably playing dead on the street in front of Kellan, hoping they’ll get to home with him to Arizona as well.

Gallery Info: Kellan Lutz makes his way through the LAX airport.