Jet-Setters Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Say Goodbye To Paris [PHOTOS]

'Gossip Girl' Takes LA
Blake Live and Chace Crawford film in Venice, CA.
Do Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a case of wanderlust? I think so. The two can’t seem to stay put in one spot. But I guess a couple that travels together stays together, right?

The two recently made their way to London and just earlier today, they were spotted leaving Paris. Lucky is an understatement if you ask me.

Any room for me in your luggage, guys?

When Lively isn’t spending her time leaving her footprints around the globe, the Gossip Girl star is putting her fashion sense to good use. Did you know that Lively doesn’t have a personal stylist?

According to Xpose, she prefers to do it all herself. She enjoys the creativity and self-expression that comes with dressing up. Who would have thought?!

A great source of inspiration is my best friend Florence Welch. She’s a real-life fairy: elegant, timeless and her fashion choices are daring but never for shock value. When she comes over to my apartment, we dress up in my shoe closet. We wear every hat I own and stack them on top of one another.

Ugh, she’s got it all — the looks, a hot hubby, a cool BFF, AND a great sense of style? Jelly!

Do you like Lively’s personal style? Do you think you know where the two will take off to for the holidays? Take your guesses in the comments below!