Jessie J Plays Dress Up In ‘Price Tag’ Video

January 31st, 2011 // Leave a Comment

UK singer Jessie J is about to burst onto the scene in the States, obviously from this clip for “Price Tag,” her first single from her upcoming debut album that’s due in the spring.

The bright, colorful, light-hearted vid features the sometime subway performer perched atop a music box, strung up as a marionette, and crammed into a dollhouse all the while ranting against how money hungry the music biz is.

Jessie J was selected by the BBC as the sound of 2011…so I’m sure this year is going to be huge for her! Check out the video below!

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

By Justin Thompson

  1. Jessie J Price Tag video bear money tree
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    she is soooooooooooo rude

  2. Jessie J Price Tag video bear money tree
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    hiya just wanted to no were i can get this outfit from its so cool love it

  3. Jessie J Price Tag video bear money tree
    cara milligan
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    I love your new song

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