Jessie J Blames Gaga For Lack Of Normal Artists

February 22nd, 2011 // 11 Comments

Up and coming UK singer Jessie J has claimed that Lady GaGa is making life difficult for ‘normal’ artists to make it in the music industry today because of her amplified style and talent which has set the bar so high that no one else can compete.

“She’s literally made normal artists and music boring, which bothers me,” she told OK! magazine. She admits that she is a fan of Gaga’s but that it’s making other great performers get panned.

“It annoys me when people say Leona Lewis is boring. No, she’s not. She’s got a sick voice and being normal is cool,” she added.


I mean, I do see her point and I also think that eventually Gaga is going to have to just strip back the facade she operates under and just rely on her talent. No more eggs. However, Jessie is a pretty funky dresser in her own right…check out the gallery!

By Justin Thompson

  1. whatever

    poor jessie j is having some sour grapes. suck it whore!

  2. pandarzan

    Hmmm, Jessie J, does sound like sour grapes. Let me see if I can name one normal singer that gets attention and accolaides….hmmm, well I cannot not think….oh wait I know…Adele. She’s about about as stripped down and normal as you can get. I don’t see her whining.

  3. AdamKW

    Jessie who?

  4. Rick

    “difficult for ‘normal’ artists to make it in the music industry today because of her amplified style and talent which has set the bar so high that no one else can compete” If the talet level has been rasied then either step your game up or move on to something else. The listening public deserves it and should not have to settle for a below par musician.

  5. jessie j fashion
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  6. Tulla

    Just because Jessie J isn’t comfortable enough to just be herself and make her music the best way she knows how, doesn’t mean that her not topping the charts is Gaga’s fault.

    Gaga is on top, and she has been for a while. She has millions of loyal followers that will defend her at the drop of a hat. That doesn’t mean that they won’t listen to anything other than Gaga. But rest assured if you put down, attack, complain about Gaga, her “little monsters” probably won’t listen to your music, let alone buy it.

    Just be yourself and stop complaining. It’s just annoying.

  7. jessie j fashion
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    jessie j is so diffrent buts a good one

  8. Knave Murdok

    The funny part about all of this was that I saw Jessie J’s album cover the other day, and was thinking about checking it out. After reading this, I have no interest in her anymore.
    Why would an artist identify themselves as “normal”? That’s a dirty word in the art world, synonymous with “boring” or “run of the mill” or “uninspired”.
    This is why people like Jessie J won’t be remembered and won’t make an impact.
    Got a great voice? Fine, go join a choir. Want to be an ARTIST? Then you need to be CREATIVE!

    • Mystic.

      I just love your comment. You absolutely right, why be like everybody else when the world is big enough to contain out of the box minds. I mean what is ” Normal” anyway. Ever heard of beyonce? she was on top for a long time, besides i wouldn’t call Adele a pop act while gaga is the definition of pop itself, which apparently someone has forgotten.

  9. Weirdo

    You know what i thought as soon as i saw this?


    and actually, I thought she was the imitation of Lady Gaga… copying gaga,
    and pffft. i bet she is just envying Gaga’s charisma for being the top pop star now

  10. Mystic.

    Whining won’t get you anywhere my dear. Gaga wasn’t this famous 3years ago but she rode it out. I remember when it was Adele, Leona, Miley Cyrus and Jenifer Hudson.. at that time it was pretty much Miley and Leona that were more famous, but did you hear Adele complain i think not. So sweety darling get real.

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