Jessica Simpson’s Got Sticky Fingers

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The MTV Video Music Awards left Jessica Simpson with an armful of welcome surprises–and I don’t mean an abundance of Moon Men. She reportedly walked away with an impressive pile of free stuff, including tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewely, electronic gadgets, a luxury car and some very fancy and expensive clothes. But Simpson’s camp claims that it’s all for charity. Lloyd Groves from The New York Daily News has the lowdown:

After the perky pop tart was caught with an amazing haul of freebies during last week’s MTV Video Music Awards – tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry, clothes, high-tech electronic gadgets and a $50,000 Chrysler convertible – Simpson’s damage-control guru, Rob Shuter, vowed that she’ll donate her VMA gift bag to Operation Smile.

“People like her don’t really need these things because they already have everything,” Shuter told The News, explaining that she’s giving to the charity that provides cosmetic surgery to children with facial deformities. Sometime later, Shuter hastily notified Operation Smile. “He didn’t say anything specific, but she wanted to donate some stuff,” the group’s celebrity liaison, Dee Dee Sides, told Lowdown. “I think the car. Maybe we’ll do an online auction? I don’t really know.” But still later, Simpson’s flack appeared to backtrack. “I don’t think she has thought about it yet,” Shuter E-mailed Lowdown.

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Written by Lisa Timmons

At the preshow cocktail party at Radio City, a Lowdown spy overheard Jessica – suffering from a burst blood vessel in her vocal cords – hoarsely interrogating Manhattan attorney Salvatore Strazzullo about the tax implications of swag. “Just out of curiosity, how would the government find out about these gifts that everybody is getting?” Simpson croaked. He replied: “Each company has to file gift tax returns pertaining to everybody that received gifts, and then the IRS will compare those to the individual tax returns of the recipients.” Simpson, said the spy, looked dumbfounded.

In her defense, it must be stated that Simpson very often looks dumbfounded. I think that’s just her default setting.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

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