Jessica Simpson Wins Ban On 2005 Exercise Video

Jessica Simpson supported The Alliance For Women In Media’s at the 2010 Gracie Awards yesterday (May 25), but on Friday she was awarded for not supporting her 2005 exercise video.

So in 2005 Jessica recorded a workout with Speedfit owner Alex Astilean, right before Dukes of Hazzard, and maybe she thought she was going to be too big (not a size pun) to have a workout video with her name on it, or maybe it was a bad video, but for whatever reason she banned it from being sold. Astilean in turn sued her and papa Joe Simpson for $10 million for breach of contract. (The best part of all this was was Astilean saying “They are hurting millions of fat people in America!”
) I’m a little confuse because she had no problem being in proactive commercials in 2005, and If that gave her the Dukes of Hazzard body I would personally like a copy.

Well banned or not, we’re going to show you a clip of the video with a her manager David Levin’s voice in the clip calling her a bitch and Joe an asshole. (If that “horse running a marathon part” is any indication of what the whole thing is like, then yeah it was probably pretty bad.) In the voice over Levin also predicts that Joe would hire a powerful lawyer that would “take that contract and shove it so far up your [Axtilean’s] rectum that you’ll never have a Speedfit.”

Well he was right, the arbitrator sided with Jessica on Friday, baring Astilean from using Simpson’s name or likeness to promote the video, awarding the singer $357,587 to cover fees and costs and ordering Astilean to pay Levin, $50,000 for defamation. Levin wasn’t psychic though, it was the video, clearly released by Astilean, that actually led to his downfall.

The story continues, and watch the banned commercial, after the jump.

The arbitrator Kathleen Roberts called the case
“particularly difficult” because Astilean spent years developing the
Speedfit system and the battle with Simpson was “personally and
financially devastating” for him. But, she said “Astilean’s
frustrations led him to unlawfully publish materials related to the
video and to defame Levin. He is probably also responsible for the
rumors about her being drunk on set. “I
worked for one year to edit a very good video,” and now “my video is
nowhere,” Astilean said. “We lost the house, we lost everything. We
don’t know how we’re going to survive.”
In other news, Jessica has employed trainer Danny Musico who said “She’s getting leaner and told me she went down three dress sizes.”