Jessica Simpson Welcomes Home Lane Garrison From Prison

April 30th, 2009 // 10 Comments

The first order of business for Lane Garrison after his release from prison was meeting up with Jessica Simpson and her family. The Simpson clan welcomed the Prison Break star into their home for a small reception, just before Garrison continued on his way to rehab at the Tarzana Treatment Center near Los Angeles.

Garrison chatted with press briefly on his way to the treatment facility, “I’m just worried about getting through treatment right now. I’m looking forward to getting on with my life and doing the right thing and helping people.”

Sporting a baseball cap with the word “Faith,” Garrison isn’t complaining about his predicament and said, “I’m blessed to be alive.”

Gallery Info: Lane Garrison leaves prison and checks into a treatment facility in Los Angeles.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Matthew

    I hate Perez Hilton (from one homo to another, you’re what I call a fag). This guy obviously made a HUGE mistake. Yes, being older, he should have better judgment, but weren’t the other people in the car drunk too? If anything, everyone is to blame for this situation. And I hate that people might continue to call this man a murder. People make mistakes. People need to learn to forgive and move on. That bitch preaches about right and wrong, but yet he still wrongs.

  2. Greggie

    Oh Lane…won’t you come stay with me? I’ll take care of you. Seriously, he is such a cutie, and more importantly, he seems genuinely remorseful. I really think he’ll turn things around and do a lot of good. Best of luck to him.

    On another note…down with Perez. He’s an awful representation of gay society. His remark calling Miss CA a “dumb bitch” is just juvenile.

  3. Stickler

    Did I miss something? Why did Lane Garrison stop at the Simpson home before going to rehab?

  4. sarah

    could some1 please explain who r what happend?Im Irish and I never heard anything about this story

  5. Grace

    Stickler, Lane Garrison is also from Texas and used to know the Simpson clan before he became an actor. Once he arrived in California, I hear he used to live with them for a while. They helped him out back in the day.

  6. beautiful_disaster

    Wow…he got soooo skinny while he was in jail huh? He looks emaciated in these pictures!! I used to think he was hot when he was on Prison Break…but now he looks way too skinny for my taste

  7. L.A

    I wonder if he was raped in prison.

  8. D

    Sarah, He was at a party in 2007 (? I think it was 07) drinking and doing cocaine with minors, when he decided to go get more alcohol, took 3 underage kids with him, and he wrecked his car, killing a 17 year old boy. Very, very sad story. But I agree that he seems very remorseful, and actually wants to do better and help folks. I wish him the best of luck. P.S. He looks soooo much different than when he went in, so skinny now. Good luck Lane.

  9. jay

    L.A., you are a moron.

  10. Stickler

    Thanks, Grace. I really had no idea.

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