Jessica Simpson Was Not Dumped for God’s Sake, Y’all!

Jessica Simpson is taking issue with a recent article that came out in OK! magazine with the title, “Jessica Dumped!” The singer is furious that the article states that Ashlee Simpson has attempted to “distance herself” from her sister and that boyfriend, Tony Romo, broke it off with Jess once his team had been bumped out of the NFL playoffs.

In response, Jessica’s legal team have sent a letter the magazine, refuting the claims made in the article and are asking for a retraction. According to them, OK! is ganging up on Jess, making her the object of “”public contempt, ridicule, aversion or disgrace.” I do feel kind of bad for her, but maybe she should take this as a hint and just sort of cool it with the boyfriend thing for the moment and focus on her career.

Photos: Flynet Online

More photos of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo from their Mexican vacation earlier this month are after the jump.

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Photos: Flynet Online