Jessica Simpson, The Mute

Check this out, from In Touch Weekly:

It’s the day before the release of her highly anticipated new album, A Public Affair, but instead of shouting from the rooftops and celebrating, Jessica Simpson is laid up in a New York hotel room. In Touch has learned exclusively that the singer has lost her voice and she’s devastated about it! The 26-year-old has been forced to cancel appearances on Today, TRL and The Late Show with David Letterman, and flew into NYC a day early in order to see a voice specialist. After examining her, the doctor warned her that she wasn’t allowed to talk, and that if she did she could risk ruining her voice for good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, poor Jessica. But what about the rest of us who depend on the stupid shit she says to fill up our “quote of the day” sections? Looks like we’re going to be relying pretty heavily on Justin Timberlake to fill Jess’ shoes until her squawker’s healed and it’s back to business as usual.

Jessica Loses her Voice! [In Touch Weekly]

Written by Lisa Timmons

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