Jessica Simpson Spontaneously Sings

August 27th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Jessica Simpson decided to serenade patrons at the Olive Street Bistro in Shreveport, Louisiana recently, while staying in the area during the filming of her upcoming movie, “Major Movie Star.” She apparently took over the mic while a dishwasher for the restaurant starting playing some tunes like “Desperado” and “Midnight Train to Georgia.” The manager of the restaurant, Fernando Maldonado was so elated at the spur of the moment performance that he offered the pop star a regular spot.

“It was so fantastic. Jessica is welcome back here any time.”

Ugh. I feel like that would be really annoying if I were eating. The only thing that probably annoys me more than people smoking around me when I’m eating is when they’re impromptu singing.


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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Since she broke up with Poser she’s been looking pretty great. Good for her.

  2. erika

    Jessica reminds me of a big kid .. she does not have a serious bone in her body. Always mugging for the camera …. controlled by daddy.

  3. jane

    She’s still around?

  4. Yummsh

    Oh, good for her! She finally got a job!

  5. Shasta

    Ugh, she would know the words to Desperado, dork.

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