Jessica Simpson Makes Out With Her Plan B On New Year’s Eve

January 2nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

While ex-husband, Nick Lachey, seemed to be spending an ethereal, romantic evening with his new flame this New Year’s Eve, Jessica Simpson was operating just a step above skulking around with her lazy-faced beau, John Mayer. The two (who incidentally will top my hypothetical “least charismatic couple” list for 2006 that I plan on never actually writing) were spotted ringing in the new year, whilst sucking face at the Hudson Hotel party thrown by Christina Aguilera. From the New York Daily News:

“He was scratching her back, they were kissing, it wasn’t subtle,” says a spy at the Heineken-sponsored bash. The couple dined earlier in the evening at Country, after shopping at Barneys during the day. A source tells us they are staying together at The Mercer hotel in SoHo.

An insider says: “John has been thrilled that they have been tricking the media, but she doesn’t really care. His Christmas present to her was a framed copy of the Us Weekly cover that says ‘Dumped: John ditches Jessica.’”

I really, really hope that’s an unsubstantiated rumor, cause otherwise, Mr. Mayer is WAY lamer than I thought. And I already think he’s pretty lame. I just wonder if he’ll ever be inspired to pen, “Your Personality Is A Wonderland,” for his bubbly, blonde lady-friend.

Jessica and John joined at the lip [New York Daily News]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Keefers

    ew, she’s just plain nasty. He’s got NO taste if that’s who he’s dating! Gross.

  2. ikky. He needs under-eye cream from Burt’s Bees.

  3. sandy

    I think he’s cute and incredibly talented. Same for her. This couple is interesting to watch. They
    are very physically attractive. Only time will tell. I do think they have been together all along
    and just like fooling the paps.

  4. Mochaswiss

    Eeewwwwww, the thought of the two of them is gross. How you go from Nick Lachey to John Mayer is beyond me.

  5. adriana

    I agree with you sandy, except for the part of jessica as being cute and talented i used to like her but now I can’t stand her she’s sooo fake

  6. I think they’re both gorgeous and I love their voices. I’d love for them to do a duet together – complete with a steamy little video.

    Nick, who, for crying out loud.

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