Jessica Simpson Is Not Going To Talk About Jeremy Renner That Easily

If you attended the Operation Smile Annual Gala you were either a socialite, reality star, socialite/reality star, or Nick Cannon.

Click through the gallery to see whose Japanese-inspired print is a little young for her (hint: not Jess), who looks uber constipated (hint: it’s a guy), and how celebs are playing with headbands and spring colors.

Jessica Simpson, who posed in a Carolina Herrerra dress with bff and latest reality venture costar Ken Paves, was happy to talk about her favorite charity. She was not happy to talk about the rekindled Jeremy Renner rumors.
When the subject of the two, who recently stayed in the same hotel, came up she was scooped away by her publicist. Simpson said she was feeling out something with somebody, but after having to see the guy who dumped you on your 29th birthday with a 22-year-old I don’t blame her for staying tight lipped for the moment.

I also wouldn’t blame her for being a little weary about 30, but she’s optimistic. “I think that 30 is going to be a good year for me,” she told Us. “I can’t wait to see what happens next.” Maybe even a steady relationship with a toothbrush.