Jessica Simpson Has No Problems With Her Exes

Ah, to live in Jessica’s la la land.

Unbeknownst to the many Cowboy fans that could freak out, Jessica Simpson is still sporting this look. She talked to Allure magazine about ex Tony Romo.

“I’m still a fan. I’m a huge fan. I wear my gear, and I cheer Tony on,” she says. “You know, I talked to Tony today. None of my breakups, none of it’s been bitter.”

This interview likely happened before John Mayetalked to Playboy. While Mayer equivocates Simpson to crack the cheery blonde says she wants the world to know he didn’t cause her to go brunette. I’m not surprised she forgets the things she’s said , but with so many things to call John out on I’m disappointed she went with her hair color.  Some of you might be disappointed she refuses to disrobe for a part.

“I will never do nudity,” she says. “I don’t care how dark and intellectual the role could be, you know. I don’t care if I frickin’ could get an Oscar for it, I’m not going to do it.” I don’t think you are going to have ignore Martin Scorsese’s calls.