Jessica Simpson Has A Busy Morning Promoting ‘The Price Of Beauty’

Jessica Simpson’s show The Price of Beauty airs tonight on VH1 and she spent the morning reminding us.

She stopped by The View, which turned out to be an exercise in unoriginality. There are only so many answers you can give to the question “What’s it like to be called sexual napalm.” God, I don’t even want to hear those two words together again…

Simpson ingratiated both me and Barbara Walters by answering.

“Well, he’ll never have this napalm again.” I kind of like that. But I’m damn tired of the compliment vs. victim issue.  When Barbara retold the tale we’ve heard a thousand times, the other women murmured that it’s a compliment, but Jessica says when she walks into a restaurant she feels more people looking at her and undressing her withe their eyes…which doesn’t actually seem like too much work.

She does have a sense of humor though, saying she doesn’t need to talk to John Mayer to curse him out because “that’s why I do shows like this.” Ah, surrounded by your best girlfriends women you’ve met a couple of times on live television chewing out your ex.

When Joy Behar asked if Mayer said stupid things to Jessica like he did in the Playboy article (and on tweets etc) while they were going out she said “No, I just thought he was stupid for breaking up with me.” Mostly The View revisited the same old same old from BIlly Corgan, to mom jeans, and even Nick Lachey.

On Good Morning America Robin Roberts (I love that woman) took things to another level and addressed the show and how it effected Jessica. Simpson says she learned how to accept herself and not care what other people think. There are some clips from The Price of Beauty where Jessica visited Thailand including her cuddling a woman whose skin was destroyed by using lightening cream. Hmmm…those Thai neck rings would make a stunning accessory on a Spring runway. Oh sorry, overly emotional moments make me run towards the superficial. Not sure what I’ll end up focusing on, but I will most likely check out this show.