Jessica Simpson Gets Twangy On ‘The View’

Jessica Simpson was on The View yesterday in Vegas to promote, of course, her new country album. When I first watched the interview I couldn’t really pay much attention because all I could hear was this new southern accent she has picked up.

We got it, Jess. You want to be a country star. You have a little drawl. You wear a cowboy hat. You sing, “Leave your ahhs cubes in yer drank.”

Everyone seems to be excited when she talks about Tony Romo, but she doesn’t say anything we haven’t heard before. She and Tony are still together and she doesn’t know if they will be getting married. Couldn’t Barbara dig up some better dirt for us?

Kim Kardashian and sisters Khloe and Kourtney made an appearance too. I love their bright colored dresses. It makes me think of the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty, but younger and hotter. I think it helps that Khloe is wearing the blue dress, and that I’m still halfway in dreamland this morning.