Jessica Simpson Gets Twangy On ‘The View’

June 26th, 2008 // 18 Comments

Jessica Simpson was on The View yesterday in Vegas to promote, of course, her new country album. When I first watched the interview I couldn’t really pay much attention because all I could hear was this new southern accent she has picked up.

We got it, Jess. You want to be a country star. You have a little drawl. You wear a cowboy hat. You sing, “Leave your ahhs cubes in yer drank.”

Everyone seems to be excited when she talks about Tony Romo, but she doesn’t say anything we haven’t heard before. She and Tony are still together and she doesn’t know if they will be getting married. Couldn’t Barbara dig up some better dirt for us?

Kim Kardashian and sisters Khloe and Kourtney made an appearance too. I love their bright colored dresses. It makes me think of the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty, but younger and hotter. I think it helps that Khloe is wearing the blue dress, and that I’m still halfway in dreamland this morning.

By Intern Traci

  1. Rob

    Isn’t she from the South? Last time I checked they have Southern accents there…

    As a pop star, I’m sure she was encouraged to minimize her accent. Now she doesn’t need to.

  2. FuckSocialitesLife


    Who the hell are you to question her country accent. She is from Texas….did you expect to hear “Hey yous guys”. Just like any New Yorker that moves to the West Coast or anyone from South that moves away you do tend to lose your own accent over time. Once back the accent will come back whether you want it to or not. She is from the South idiot.

  3. b.SL

    I need to be able to dress Jessica Simpson, and not her daddy. She’s so bloody literal. She’s petite with large boobies. You’d think she couldn’t go wrong, but she almost always does. Why would she wear wedge heels with a short legs * a short skirt. And it’s faux-patchwork. Faux is only ok with fur, and patchwork in an hierloom, i.e. patchwork family quilt. ANd the hair makes her look chubby in the face. It actually looks lackluster too!
    Shania Twain & Faith Hill usually look pretty classy. Country does not mean homely. If I had the connections, I’d SO be a good stylist, I swear. JS, if one of your minions (or you) read this, please take it to heart. I heart you and have been rooting for you to make a comeback. Pls don’t make it so difficult.

  4. rubyr

    I guess i cant hear it. maybe because im from louisiana but she sounds the same to me.

  5. peachpie

    FuckSocialitesLife [sic]….hey punkin!

    you are too cute! defending lil jsimp like that! no need to revert to third grade schoolyard name calling, darlin’!

    i don’t know where you (or Rob) are from, but i AM southern. georgian to be exact — so DEEP south. and let me tell ya, cutiepie, something special: texas is NOT ‘the south’. not one single solitary living breathing TRUE southerner would claim texas. texas is big. brash. bold. and, southerners are not. big. brash. or bold. ew.

    always remember to carefully separate southerners from ‘people who happen to live in a southern u.s. state’ because they are two completely different species. unfortunately, sweetie-poos, jsimp is neither. she’s a texan. and as texans will tell anyone who will listen, they are their own breed.

    you must admit, boys, that jsimp might be taking advantage of the accent thing just the teensiest tiniest lil bit…. especially since this very pronounced accent has only showed up since her ‘country singer’ gig began, no? there were looaaadddsss of times that miss ahhscubesinyerdrank could have let it bubble up. but.. alas, she didn’t want people to know she had an accent from the place where she was born, raised and grew up. weird, if you ask me.

    while i can hardly blame her for not wanting to sound like a texan, given the current global political climate, it does seem just the tiniest bit insincere. and maybe, just maybe, other folks are reacting to the insincerity part of the equation rather than to the accent part.

    it’s really a sad little story — she should play the little match girl or something pitiful like that. all i can do is feel pity for her. and, well, yes, for you too — silly, silly boy. your rage seems maybe a touch misdirected?? don’t lash out at a sweet lil internet gossip site when you’re really just mad that your mom caught you looking at porn and put a one hour daily limit on your summer internet access. ASL’s the closest you can get, huh? stinko! but don’t be mad at ASL; they’re very nice, competent, intelligent, insightful, hilariously funny people. you should try one of those on for size — charismatic traits ROCK!

    ya’ll come back real soon now, ya hear?

  6. H Town's Supermodel

    I from Houston, TX and we are considered the south and proud of it!! Ask Matthew, George Bush, Lance Armstrong. Check your Map

  7. Debutant

    I am from the South. I was a debutant and grew up in New Orleans. You can’t get more southern than that. Why are ya’ll so pissed off? Relax. Who cares about any of this. Can any of you really be southern and be so up tight? Go eat somethin’!!!! Have soemthin’ to drink!! Get a life!!!

  8. peachpie

    Supermodel– honey, folks in texas may THINK they’re from the South, but they’re not. most true Texas wouldn’t be caught dead saying they were from the South lol there is an enormous cultural divide between the two. one’s not better than the other, it just is what it is :)

    and Debutant, good for you, hun. that’s terrif; and i hope all is well in your area after Katrina. are you back there now? have they resumed the deb balls?

    –and the only thing that truly, truly pisses me off is discrimination — universally. that joker above is worth gettin pissed off at lol.

  9. peachpie

    oops… the joker above is NOT worth gettin pissed off at :)

    puhleeze… [huge eye roll]

  10. Debutant

    peachpie LOVE the eye roll!!!classic ^-^

    Yep! We lost everything! I live in CO. All is well. See southern people just roll on and really enjoy life. They don’t write long winded crap about crap. Life is too short and there is a lot of good food drink and fun to be had. That is the southern way. Peace, darlin’s. o_O*

  11. Esther Greenwood

    I’m also from Texas, and I wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to claim we are from the “south.” I do agree that Texans often claim Texas first before anything else (Texan first, American second…ha), but I don’t know many Texans who wouldn’t say they were from the south at least second to that.

    That said, there are a number of huge divides in Texas. I grew up in east Texas and was teased mercilessly in college by my Houstonian friends, as my accent was much thicker than theirs. I’ve learned to tone it down and can now hear it in other people’s voices. JS is from the Burleson/Fort Worth area, I believe, and people there are a little “twangy” in their accents. Not east Texas twangy but heavier than anyone I’ve met who was born and raised in Houston.

  12. peachpie

    lol Deb! but, sadly, i do write long winded crap about crap. it’s one of my fave things! ha!

    and Esther, anyone can claim they’re from anywhere! :)

  13. Lester Nelson

    If someone from Texas wants to identify themselves as southerners, I don’t think there’s anything some loser from Georgia can do about it. Sorry, peachpie, but you don’t exactly get to make the decisions on who can refer to themselves as “southerner”.

  14. Lester Nelson

    Put another way, the term, “southerner,” is a brand. And just like corporations, the people attributed as “southerners” don’t get to choose their brand. Apple, Inc., is known as being creative, innovative, elitist, and snobby at times. They don’t get to choose this–consumers do. Microsoft is known for being sprawling, technical, monopolistic and mob-like. Volkswagen is known for being cute and quirky. Companies can try all they want to control their brand, and many successful companies do control it to varying degrees of success, but the final say is in the mouths and minds of consumers.

    I can try to brand myself as “handsome.” I can personally view myself as “handsome.” But if someone else doesn’t think I’m handsome, then I’m not handsome in their mind. I have no final say over this, no matter how much I protest.

    Brands are different in different regions. While Apple is known as creative and innovative here in the states, in many places (such as the Philippines, where I do a lot of work), it’s mostly viewed as expensive and over-priced.

    Well, to a Georgian, you might not view Texans as “southerners.” And that’s quite okay. But your views and your neighbors views are not necessarily the views of other people in our nation, and I assure you, most of the North views Texans as “southerners.” This doesn’t mean you’re wrong, and it doesn’t mean we’re wrong, it just means that we have different views on what it means to be a “southerner.”

    Now, obviously Jessica Simpson (like many corporations) is trying to control her brand. She’s trying to exude that “southerner” vibe. And it appears she’s succeeded in the minds of most people.

  15. peachpie

    lol! you guys are just too cute!

  16. Lester Nelson

    Handsome, peachpie. I’m handsome.

  17. PansyAston

    Hey, how ya doin?

    The word is Y’all, NOT ya’ll.(You all = Y’all)

    The word is DEBUTANTE. One wonders at which cotillion “debutant” came out?

    Gardenias, Socialites!

  18. lisablue222

    Look at a photo of Jessica a year ago and compare it to her now. This is Jessica’s attempt to appeal to the country fans by modifying her dress and emphasizing her speech. What bothered me about Jessica was her style of singing (off pitch most of the time), her “sleezy” (sorry for the word, I couldn’t think of a better one) style of dress, and the way she always made love to the camera. You may win the men that way, but it just turns women off. She also needs to watch what she says about other people (especially other country singers). She’s not going to be popular if she angers the country fans…

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