Jessica Simpson Gets Skinny Again

June 21st, 2007 // 12 Comments

Hey y’all! It’s Jessica Simpson here and just because I’ve gone through another break-up doesn’t mean that my life isn’t peachy keen. I mean, just look at me! I’m all skinnified and stuff. I lost twenty pounds in two months through careful diet, exercise, and pure spite. I told Extra a few months ago that I planned on losing this weight, when I said:

“I’m going to be all ripped, lean and mean!”

And now, with a special diet of five meals a day, carb-cutting and working out six times a week, I’ve again used a movie as my motivation for losing weight, “Major Movie Star.” But, I’ve been very careful not to exercise my breasts, cause, well, you know. Let’s just say, John had a special nickname for them. He used to call them, “The reason I’m dating you.”


More photos of Jessica Simpson leaving the gym after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. The chest may be “lean and mean” but she still can’t act, can’t sing and has a face that makes her look like a gay dude. I will never see a movie that she’s in (bound to be a stinker).

  2. Sam

    Question: Why on EARTH is she still allowed to call herself an “actress” or star in ANY films for that matter? Because the last few have done so well???

  3. Trixie

    What is wrong with me but I like Jessica Simpson. I think she’s sweet and funny. And beautiful. Maybe no talent, but she just seems like a nice, if heartbroken, person.

  4. Prick Up You Ears

    Jess needs to return to her christian-gospel roots, without her perv dad riding her coat-tails.

    Give it up, Jesse. Hollyweird ain’t knocking down your door.

    And stop looking for another daddy/husband/strong male figure to take care of you. Not going to happen.

  5. Sue

    Aww, Trixie, you sound like a nice person. Jessica is a cute girl, just kind of boring. She hasn’t regained the popularity she enjoyed before her divorce, but she is doing the right thing by staying out of the spotlight so the public won’t get sick of seeing her unlike Britney Spears.

  6. Melanie

    I think Jessica is a sweet person. I don’t understand the animosity towards her.

  7. silvarga

    He used to call them, “The reason I’m dating you.”

    Really? Because word on the street is that he called them Urinal Cakes. Or maybe he just never said that to her face…

    No John, not in the face, NOT IN THE FACE!!!


  8. Banky Sinatra

    I agree, she does seem sweet and is undeniably beautiful.

    I expect women to hate on her because women hate on other women, especially women who have it better (beauty, money, men etc.), that’s just what women do.

    But the male bloggers hate on her too, well maybe just the gay ones.

    I wouldn’t buy any of her albums, or go to a theatre to see any of her movies (I’d probably give one a try if it was on cable), but she certainly doesn’t inspire contempt or derision.

    But she’s dumb you say? Who cares? dumb people are probably happier than smart people. I suspect that truly intelligent celebs are pretty few and far between (certainly in the “young sexpot” category).

    She’d probably be too dumb to get serious with, but I’d definitely be down for passionate fling followed by an amicable ending and sweet memories.

    I bet Nick has his moments when he misses her.

    What do I know, I don’t know anything about her, I just acknowledge the fact that she’s beautiful and seems nice enough. Maybe she’s rotten.

  9. Look what I can do!

    I wear corsets and waist cinchers all the time. By the way she’s holding her shoulders, you can tell she’s got a waist cincher, tummy tucker on.

    Not a bad thing, but is she really going to claim weight loss? She was puffy a month ago.

  10. Gabz

    She looks good and she should just stay single.

  11. sharon

    jelious people here,its a shame.

    jess is pretty,are you people blind?
    probly because maybe you wouldn’t be so nasty if you looked at yourself in the mirror

  12. Chestica

    Looks fuck-able. That’s it.

    How’s the bald muscle-tool with her? I see that dickhead’s picture everywhere. Looks like a real douchebag roid freak to me.

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