Jessica Simpson Gets Skinny Again

Hey y’all! It’s Jessica Simpson here and just because I’ve gone through another break-up doesn’t mean that my life isn’t peachy keen. I mean, just look at me! I’m all skinnified and stuff. I lost twenty pounds in two months through careful diet, exercise, and pure spite. I told Extra a few months ago that I planned on losing this weight, when I said:

“I’m going to be all ripped, lean and mean!”

And now, with a special diet of five meals a day, carb-cutting and working out six times a week, I’ve again used a movie as my motivation for losing weight, “Major Movie Star.” But, I’ve been very careful not to exercise my breasts, cause, well, you know. Let’s just say, John had a special nickname for them. He used to call them, “The reason I’m dating you.”


More photos of Jessica Simpson leaving the gym after the jump.