Jessica Simpson Gets Excited!

February 23rd, 2007 // 14 Comments


I know it’s wrong to make fun of people who are trying to be charitable, but if they keep insisting on doing it while looking so damn goofy, it’s really hard impossible to resist. Here’s Jessica Simpson dropping off the van she donated to an orphanage. I LOVE how psyched she is to see the paparazzi. Like, “OMG! Y’all totally caught me being an AMAZING person!”

I do have some trouble making fun of her exuberance (since I used to actually love her on “The Newlyweds”), but I’m starting to notice that in pictures, she’s either pursing her lips all crazy and plumped up, or opening her mouth so wide a bird might fly in at any moment…a bird, or a stray ice-cream cone looking for a cheap thrill.

More photos of Jessica Simpson are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Marisa

    I can be anti-Jess sometimes, but this photo was actually taken when she used her key to see if it would start…and won the Crossfire at the MTV Awards.

  2. Sarah

    That is exactly what I was going to say Marissa!

  3. jill

    yeah this picture is months old dating back to when she first won the initial car

  4. nilla

    I’ve known many a girl who will only take a picture if she can pose like that with her mouth wide open, like she’s the life of the party and always happy. Personally I find it annoying. (seriously, if you don’t believe me that its an epidemic I urge you to take a look over myspace profiles)

  5. Tonysgirl

    Looks as though that girl could swallow a whole watermelon in one gulp with that mouth!!!

  6. Rufus

    Great, giving the van is sweet for the orphans, but not much respect can go to Jessica. It’s ALWAYS lame when celebrities publicize when they give to charity. Weak and shady.

  7. Linda

    Ummmmmm you should actually either take this down or retitle it because it’s wrong..this is actually when she won the crossfire.

    It’s okay not to like someone but to purposefully set it up as a lie is just wrong.

    shame on you.

    life is short, play nice.

  8. Me

    I have a rule about doing a random act of kindness- if someone finds out it doesn’t count. Jessica, Ashlee and their father have always used the media. Many celebs use it for personal gain first and foremost is Oprah! Oprah is working the greatest pyramid scheme of all times. Everything she does to benefit others is money in her pocket whether it’s a tax write off or what have you. She plays mother earth in the process and Jessica plays the bubbling sweet, down-to-earth Texas girl. That’s showbiz.

  9. margaretta

    Well old pic or new doesn’t change the fact that she and Rachel Ray could swallow the earth

  10. Quichi

    Jenny McCarthy consistently takes the same kind of open-mouthed-hooked-bass photos. I’ve never seen a picture of her or the Simpsons with their mouths closed.

  11. Caroline

    One of the guys in the background of the first pic looks WAY excited.

  12. esther


  13. dej

    jessica has no talent. she cant sing or act. please ignore everything she does.

  14. missy

    oh esther, you’re so cute.

    anyway, i love the gum in jessica’s mouth. glad to see that some things will never change.

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