Jessica Simpson Farts

No, you are not reading this headline wrong, I  really am reporting on the fact that Jessica Simpson farted in a business meeting for her denim line in late January.  This isn’t exactly news, not only because it’s actually not news, but because Jessica let them rip for the world to see on The Newlyweds and told her husband of the time Nick Lachey “You love my stinky ass.” Famous. Last. Words.

She also lauded “between-the-sheet-poots” on a radio station in 2008. This time though, the air poop, (as my friend Vanessa calls them) was not followed by laughter but silence and Jessica’s mother, Tina Simpson, turned to her and yelled “Jessica!” creating a moment of tension. God, could you imagine not only farting in a meeting but then your mommy yells at you?

Here she is in Rio De Janeiro filming her new TV show Price of Beauty where she interviewed Angela Bismarck a Brazilian celebrity whose had over 40 plastic surgeries (beat that Heidi) and after work played in the water caipirinhas practiced a Brazilian martial art called capoeira. Jessica also filmed the show in Japan, India, and Africa. Perhaps on this journey she will find a land that honors flatulence and super ta tas and she will be their queen.