Jessica Simpson Does Damage Control

There has been quite a bit of fallout from the last days of Rob Shuters rein as Jessica Simpson’s publicist, and Jessica has been doing her best to clean some of the mess up.

The singer has been placing personal calls to all of the editors of the major celebrity weekly magazines in the U.S. to apologize for Shuter’s actions, which culminated in a recent cover story on People magazine claiming she had found love with Mayer.

Simpson and Mayer insist that the media coverage surrounding them was exaggerated and they are actually just good friends.

The calls to the editors are being supervised by a publicist from her record label Epic, and a remorseful Simpson is reportedly expressing her gratitude to the magazines for supporting her career and telling them she would like to take on a more direct role in dealing with them.

Mmm. We’ll see how what type of an effect this will have on the coverage of Jessica Simpson.

More photos of Jessica Simpson wearing her own line of shoes are after the jump.

Simpson’s Damage Control With Editors [SFG Daily Dish]

Written by Lauren Burch

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