Jessica Simpson Debuts ‘Who We Are’, Talks About Supportive Tony Romo

Jessica Simpson went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning and debuted “Who We Are”, the song for her new docu-series The Price of Beauty, which is set to air next week, Simpson worked on the song with cartoon-friend Billy Corgan who she called “a very, very dear friend.” The single sounds pretty much like all her other bland songs, although I’m confessing only to you that I’m probably tuning in on the 15th. Listen to the song after the jump.

Simpson has been traveling the world to understand different standards of beauty with good friend Ken Paves and her girl Cacee Cobb. She says that the weight controversy from last year inspired her to make the journey. She also said her boyfriend at the time, Tony Romo, helped support her when the world was arguing about whether she was fat. “Tony was so great and so supportive and never ever made me feel like I wasn’t sexy.” That’s two points for Jessica’s sexuality, and an eighth of a point for mom jeans.

Here’s the sexy world traveler arriving at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday.