Jessica Simpson Cries Over John Mayer’s Sexual Napalm Comments

March 2nd, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Am I the only one who would respond to my ex boyfriend’s comments about me being sexual napalm by saying “damn straight”? That was not Jessica Simpson‘s reaction to John Mayer’s comments about her in Playboy. She cried.

Simpson went on Oprah and while the full show will broadcast tomorrow, some information has already leaked. First of all, Simpson had to admit she has a problems with her ex. The betrayed singer struggled to hold back tears when she said “‘I don’t want people to know how I am in bed.” I suppose that’s how a lady is supposed to act, but if it’s good advertising sign me up.

Another hard thing for Simpson to talk about is her weight, but it’s Oprah and she’s got a show to promote so she went there. She talked about her struggles while the infamous mom jeans shot was displayed in the background. I would be more likely to cry about this damn photo following me everywhere I went.

Here’s Jessica leaving Boa Steakhouse February 12, 2010 with the only man she can depend on, Ken Paves.

By Madison Ventura

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