Jessica Simpson Communes With Her People

March 23rd, 2009 // 12 Comments

It’s hard to know what exactly Jessica Simspon‘s career is these days. Suffice to say, we’re pretty sure she’s still singing country music and apparently, there’s a Jessica Simpson Collection she sells which includes clothing and accessories. I

‘m imagining a lot of plunging necklines and tiny pieces of denim. Perfect for a sexy church meet-and-greet. But she must be doing something right from the looks of this event at Dillard’s in Scottsdale, where her fans showed up in droves on Saturday to greet their bosomy idol.

So the moral of the story is pop-stars-turned-reality-TV-stars make more successful designers than straight reality-TV-stars. Pay close attention, you mildly talented celebs. This could be you.

Gallery Info: Jessica Simpson signs autographs for her fans.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Noname

    This woman is an embarassment to the U.S. nation to put it mildly.

  2. she's awful

    People don’t actually buy products with this thing’s name on it, do they? Her name is synonymous with failure.

  3. no thanks

    The woman who blamed her months long bad press for “weightgate” on unfortunate clothing choices is now trying to pass herself off as a clothing “designer”? She can’t even dress herself without being mocked in the tabloids for weeks…she expects women to pay her to dress them too?

  4. Jami

    To me she is the American dream.
    She is gorgeous and it seems she lets the negativity bounce off her. More power to her.

  5. jillian

    she is horrible as a singer and an actress she is a failure when it comes to talent 10 years and counting in the business and shes still trying to define who she is artistically?…bottomline she sucks and she will never be carrie underwood in country she can try but again for the second time in music she will never get there it’s so obvious she doesnt have it.
    lets be fair though i dont like the bimbo however, her jessica collection is really cute she should stick to this and retire acting/singing….jessica is famous why because she is a ditz that came out on a reality tv show banked on how stupid she is and is proud to be stupid…sells her body and then complains when people make fun of her weight, if shes selling sex then she should expect to be ridiculed when she doesnt look that great anymore….and then she wonders why people cant take her seriously.

  6. another noname

    She is a fat, drunk, stupid, man-face. She even looks drunk in these pictures…look at her eyes!

  7. boycott

    No matter what the collection looks like, people should boycott it just because her name is on it.

    Only buy this stuff if the real designers oust Jessica and quit paying her for the use of her name and call their things by a name less repulsive than Jessica Simpson.

  8. Rachel

    Does anyone know the designer of the dress she is wearing? I really love it and would like to try to find it for myself. For all you negative comments out there, if you think you are so much better than her, why don’t you move out to LA and try to be famous. I like you collection of clothing and have boughten a few of her purses and I like the songs she sings so leave it be.

  9. belle

    rachel being famous has nothing to do with being better than a person..famous people aren’t better then a everyday joe they just have more money then the everyday joe fame doesnt make you who you are,and it certainly doesnt make you happy…if you think that going to LA and being famous makes a person better then you must be insecure.i am not famous yet successfull and i love my life my family my friends and my hubby and im financially secure and i get to enjoy my life without the paps following my every move actually yeah i do think im better…and what do you know i dont live in LA AND IM NOT FAMOUS who would of thought…that fame isnt everything to some people…

  10. belle

    by the way jessica is a failed singer was in pop and she is in country do you know that she wasnt even nominated for the acm’s last night julianne and jessica came out at the same time and julianne got the award for top new female artist just like pop country has given her the cold shoulder they know a true respectable artist when they see one and clearly they skipped her on purpose. if i were her id go into fashion too she knows how to sell her name.

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