Jessica Simpson & Billy Corgan: Taking It Slow

The unlikely romance between Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan is proceeding slowly and with caution, according to a friend of Jessica’s. The snitch dished to People magazine, “They are getting to know each other. He’s a nice guy.”

While some in the blond singer’s inner circle are concerned she’s simply on the rebound, Simpson claims that their connection is on a very spiritual level. Simpson Tweets, “My friend, Billy Corgan, has a pure and enlightening outlook on faith.”

Here are the couple, trying to remain somewhat undercover as they leave separately from Simpson’s New York hotel on the way to see her sister, Ashlee Simpson, performing in Chicago on Broadway. Well, as much as they’re trying to downplay the connection, sitting through Ashlee’s high-kicks is a pretty big gesture. He better be getting some.

Gallery Info: Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan try to walk separately Simpson’s hotel in New York City.