Jessica Simpson, The $28,571.43 Cover Girl

Let’s hope for Joe and Jessica’s sake that OK! is a hit. Let’s hope for us, it’s not and she vanishes into obscurity.

Magazine insiders are snickering at the deal Jessica Simpson’s manager/father, Joe Simpson, made with OK! magazine. Simpson graced the inaugural U.S. issue and got $200,000. But insiders say the $200,000 was a package deal in which Simpson will be on six more covers and host the magazine’s Sept. 20 launch party on the roof of the Cornelia Day Spa on Fifth Avenue. “The deal also precludes Jessica from giving any other magazines major features until all the covers are done, which will be in like two years. So basically, Joe sold his daughter out for $200,000,” the insider said. Another source said Jessica may be getting a $100,000 bonus for the party appearance.

OK! Get’s Jessica Simpson Cheap [Page Six]