Jessica Simpson, The $28,571.43 Cover Girl

August 12th, 2005 // 14 Comments

Let’s hope for Joe and Jessica’s sake that OK! is a hit. Let’s hope for us, it’s not and she vanishes into obscurity.

Magazine insiders are snickering at the deal Jessica Simpson’s manager/father, Joe Simpson, made with OK! magazine. Simpson graced the inaugural U.S. issue and got $200,000. But insiders say the $200,000 was a package deal in which Simpson will be on six more covers and host the magazine’s Sept. 20 launch party on the roof of the Cornelia Day Spa on Fifth Avenue. “The deal also precludes Jessica from giving any other magazines major features until all the covers are done, which will be in like two years. So basically, Joe sold his daughter out for $200,000,” the insider said. Another source said Jessica may be getting a $100,000 bonus for the party appearance.

OK! Get’s Jessica Simpson Cheap [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. OK might be big in the UK, but we already have US, People, Star & all the rest over here. It’s getting to be too much, I’m so over more gossip rags.

    p.s. the smaller Jess’s body gets, the bigger her head looks. Q-tip

  2. Laura

    Could someone please tell her to breathe? She looks so uncomfortable!

  3. sarah

    she always looks like shes SUCKING IN and not breathing in pictures, she looks like shit

  4. Jamie

    You guys are just jealous. Jessica looks great!

  5. ??

    ok is the title of the magazine? well, i guess it’s better than “not worth the $3 you are going to pay for this magazine.”

  6. Haute

    yeah, she is phony. smiles too hard. like she is in a beauty pageant.

  7. Brian

    2 words for Jessica……………
    Kit Culkin…….you know,the father that destroyed his sons career

  8. todd

    Jessica’s for sale for $200,000. My wife for $100,000, and Ashlee for free.

  9. RubbRubb

    Pretty sick that this sanctimonious “christian preacher but only in it for the money” continuously sells (or in Ashlee’s case, foists) his daughter out just to make a buck.

    I doubt that rag is going to do very well here in the US.

  10. Roni

    what a douche

  11. medea

    Isn’t her skin a little too orange?

  12. Jessica is beautiful, as always.. *sigh*

  13. All I can think on this one is that there’s going to be some kind of ‘scandal’ and this way Jessica CAN’T be on the cover of any mags – or will appear on a whole lot for some ‘reason’ so the covers get used up quickly. Like, say, divorce or something?

  14. i expect that my father never do that :P

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