Jessica Simpson Taking Accolades Where She Can Get’ Em

June 4th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Jessica Simpson has broken the record for highest debuting solo artist on Billboard’s country singles charts. Her song “Come On Over”, which was thrust upon country radio last week, appeared on the charts at #41. So, uh, that’s…pretty impressive. #41. That’s up there. Right. Oh, Jessica.

After her last pop album bombed, and her movies began to go straight-to-DVD, Jessica (with the aid of her Svengali dad, Joe Simpson) decided to embrace her Texan roots. She’s cut a country album. Ok, it’s totally a last ditch effort to retain her fame and fortune but Tony Romo won’t do a reality show with her!

“I got chills and butterflies in my stomach,” Simpson said about hearing her song on country radio for the first time. “It felt like the first time I heard myself on the radio when I was 19. Country is where my heart is. It’s refreshing to share something that feels so close to home. I am so honored to become a part of the country community.”

And if this doesn’t work, you’re going to see her trying to find Timbaland and Dr. Dre, putting cornrows in her hair, and cutting a hip-jop album. “Seriously, you guys, the ghetto is where my heart is…I’m head bitch in charge up in this piece!”

Her country album drops in the fall, and she’s currently in Nashville at her first CMA festival. Don’t believe the hype, country fans! She’s using your asses!

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. the phantom

    Country-Western: where fading talent goes to die.

  2. b.SL

    I always thought some of her first songs- “With You”, for example- had a bit of a country-pop vibe, somewhat Shania Twain-ish. The single is a mess & I was all set to like it.
    Do better, Jessica. And bring out the titties. And stop eating everything- you look like you’ve exploded in the past couple weeks. ( I know you not preggo- Romo would b stupid to slide in that without pretection!)
    I’ve been rooting for you. Don’t let me down.

  3. peachpie

    i’m a country music fan and i resoundingly reject jsimp. if she steps foot on the stage at the original grand ole opry house, i think it might implode. nashville should put up a city wall. a big one. electrified. with dogs. and lights. and watch towers and stuff.

  4. The girl has an amazing voice, but the song sucks. I’m a country fan too, but I gotta tell ya – the song is a basic cookie-cutter production Nashville, opps I meant LA put out. Either do it right Jessica, opps I meant Joe, or don’t do it at all.

  5. T-Bone

    Carrie Underwood must be rolling in her satin sheets over this! She’s probably like “B*TCH you took my man, you ain’t taking Nashville too”!

    There will be a song about it, like Dolly Parton’s, “Jolene”, (beggin that old red-headed witch not to take her man “just because she can”!

  6. veisner

    Yeah…41…yippee. Inside, that’s gotta be a huge disappointment. The only way she’s going up now is if anything she sings is actually any good…which is unlikely. They trashed at

  7. Tonya

    JHarvey, what is your deal with Jessica? You are as bad as Perez trashing her relentlessly. What is so terrible about her? She has a beautiful voice, and does some wonderful things for various charities. Why bash her instead of some real ass who deserves to be brought down a few pegs?

  8. lj

    For sure. She will stoop to anything for a buck and attention.
    Obviously she’s desperate again. The song sucks and her 15 minutes are way over.

  9. Corrector

    T-bone let me correct you by saying Carrie doesn’t want him as a boyfriend. He’s the one calling her.
    Friends only she says as he tries to keep talking to her. Jessica is so dumb she doesn’t care as long as
    she gets her publicity. Jess got applause but no cheering at the show last night. She’s lucky she didn’t get boo’d in Nashville. Carrie is on tonight and she will rock the house as always. That girl can sing every genre of music there is and has proven it over and over.

  10. thumper

    HEy this is Daryl Lewis and i can see how cool you look on The Dukes of Hazzard. It was amazing .

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