Jessica Simpson Has Gone Country

May 28th, 2008 // 5 Comments

After floundering these past few years trying to find success as a pop star and movie star in Hollywood, Jessica Simpson has decided to see if she can’t get some love from Nashville. The singer is releasing a country album and here’s the first listen to “Come on Over,” an upbeat tune in which she tells her lover to leave on the “Baseball cap and torn up jeans/a pair of flip flops on your feet” and just come on over so they can get to canoodling.

Simpson told Billboard last December, “I am a country girl. I grew up in Texas, and country music was what I listened to. I always wanted to make a country album, but I wanted to wait until the time was right.”

Granted, after listening to the song, it seems to me as if the genre is a good fit for Jess, but I don’t know how well country fans will take to her treating them like her Plan B.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. D-Man

    I heard this song on the radio yesterday…I really like it…very catchy…great enjoy and a perfect song to sing along. I hope Jessica does well with this album. Hopefully they will do heavy marketing on this.

  2. katie

    Absolutely AWFUL!

    The lyrics, the attempt to make it sound country is ridiculous.

    What a phony!

  3. alicat

    As someone who isn’t a fan of county or Jessica Simpson, it wasn’t that bad!

  4. Jessica, seems you get interested in dating celebrities and wealthy young guys. I saw you on ? dating some guys few weeks ago.

  5. qhtevy


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