Jessica Simpson Still Keeping Up The Charade, Somehow Involving Jared Leto In Her Mess

Jessica Simpson is gamely going along with her dad Papa Joe Simpson’s plan to make sure she stays with Tony Romo at all costs despite their reported breakup. Tony Romo must have to beat her off with a stick. About the head and shoulders. The “happy” couple dined at N9ne steakhouse in Dallas over the weekend and if you believe that they’re actually happy and Papa Joe isn’t supplementing his NFL contract in some way, then damn you simple!

“They were holding hands, in a good mood and happy,” a source says. “They looked like they were on a date together,” a source says. Doesn’t every story featuring these two lately have that exact quote? This is getting totally suspicious. Jessica is phoning these stories in to people by putting a kerchief over the receiver and disguising her voice. Of course, she’s using the alias of “Bessica Rimson,” but give her some credit – at least she tried disguising her voice!

In other weird Simpsonmania news, Jared Leto’s people are denying a National Enquirer story that Jessica cheated on Tony Romo with him. Papa Joe Simpson is insidious. He probably plopped a Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves wig on his head and impersonated her trying to get all over Jared. Leto probably wondered who the crazy trannie was that tried to attack him with her mouth.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline