Jessica Simpson Looks Hot

July 1st, 2005 // 36 Comments

Now that’s a figure.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Coco

    Nobody going to point out how nasty her unmanicured nails are or how her hair isn’t picture perfect?? Awww, c’mon guys. Step up!

  2. Terry

    Yes, she has a nice figure. But nice figures and fancy dresses and shoes come and go. White trash is forever.

  3. tatty

    “Now thats a figure” Yeah …if your 15 yrs old. Is that Lindsey Lo with her… why the long face.. Jess could have done something with her hair.

  4. del

    Did’nt she just get like most beautiful hair or something??? Did someone not count the ballots right????

  5. lala

    I Can’t even see her nails. But i can see the killer figure. I think she stepped it up for the “these boots where made for walking..” video.

  6. Rita

    Yeah, and I am SO sure that you’re perfect Coco.

  7. pinkpop

    what an awesome dress too! who’s the designer? i love it.

  8. A Boy and His Dog

    In a few years she’ll need a crane to keep those boobs from bumping into her knees when she walks.

  9. BoBo

    Goodness…she looks like she is going to fall over, she is so top heavy!! way out of proportion..she should gain a little weight..those huge boobs dont go with such a skinny figure, it looks weird

  10. lucia posting

    I think the dress is by Hollywould –

  11. Chick

    Her boobs have GOT to be fake. You don’t lose that much weight and not lose a bit in your boobs…

  12. mso

    Terry, you summed it up perfectly. This girl has CHEAP written all over her, no matter what she wears, she’s a bible-belt low-class hillbilly. I bet her family’s been literate for about a generation and a half. As for the ‘great’ body, most of us could achieve that if we got a personal trainer and nutritionist, you can tell she has to work really hard for it. And she has really, really SHORT legs and ugly plastic boobs that she’s had done at least a few times…
    And did I mention no talent?
    Seriously, can someone provide me with a valid explanation as to why this white trash bimbo is famous?

  13. MTodd

    its the angle ppl, calm down. her boobs are not fake. Im not a big fan of J. simpson but I hate it when girls are jealous and insist their boobs are fake (e.g. jessica, lin. lohan, or Britney etc.)

    You want to know how fake boobs look like? Christina Aguilera’s are fake, Lil Kim’s are fake, Carmen Electra’s are fake. Look at the difference.

  14. ames

    i agree with others that said she lookes really top heavy.. she used to have really nice curves that balanced her out.. now she’s just another typical hollywood anorexic

  15. Lisa

    I would love to see pictures of all the posters who have something nasty to say ……..

  16. starrzz

    I think she looks cute, and i’ve always thought she was genuine, unlike britney and lindsay, but i totally think brit and lindsay had fake boobs
    Have you even seen the images of lindsay on
    They were balloons!
    Trust me when you lose weight you lose boobage, but not like that, and then say you lost weight cause of puberty, wasn’t that how you got your boobs in the first place.
    And brits bust is due to a baby right now, but check out pics before her 1st trimester was over, her boobs were huge!
    Also at
    Jess is on there too for a breast lift, which looks like that happened,
    but i woudln’t say her boobs were fake, maybe altered but not fake

  17. Lily

    Jessica Simpson’s boobs are REAL. Now, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears…theirs are definitely FAKE. Come on people, can’t you guys tell anymore? My bestfriend has humongous boobs and she’s a gym freak. Trust me, when they’re big, sometimes no amount of exercise can ever make it a size B.

  18. Stephanie


  19. lala

    yesh you’re all bitches.

  20. Blaise

    It’s nothing to do with bitching, it’s fact. Calm down, all you Jess-o-philes.

  21. Daisy

    I have big boobs, and they are a 40 DD people. I have very slim hips, small butt, and small waist. I do look like I am going to fall over. I can tie mine in a knot and throw them over my shoulder. I am going to have to go for a bust reduction, and when I lose weight I hardly ever lose any weight in my Bessies. Some people do look like that naturally even though we look out of proportion. They kill your back!
    Anyway, I think Jessica Simpson looks very attractive.

  22. Hodgie

    First off the dress is hideous as well as the shoes shes wearing, the whole outfit looks cheap, she’s usually a bit better dressed than this… it seems she looks the best when shes around town and not on the red carpet, then she always has the over done trying to be mega glamerous thing going on and it makes her look ridiculous…oh and her boobs are fake, she had them lifted and then had implants put in…

  23. Verity

    Jessica is adorable, and I think she looks lovely.

    All you people talking about Britney’s fake boobs are crazy. She has put on weight and has therefore gained a bigger bust. If you ever have the desire to prove yourself wrong, seek out some pics of her in a bikini in her film Crossroads, when she was slimmer (never seen it myself, just seen the pictures…). There’s nothing there!

    Jessicas boobs arent even that big – they just look it because she is so slim. You immediately want to think that they’re fake because the are out of proportion, but I am a British size 8 with 32F ALL NATURAL boobs… go figure.

  24. jade


  25. Cass

    You all Jessica Haters, GROW UP! Jade is right, what has she ever done to make you guys say such rude things? Sorry that your body can’t be like hers, but is that her fault? NO! So grow up, Move on.

  26. bounce

    yeah, her boobs are definitely fake. it’s so unproportioned. she has short legs, flat booty. she “feels” she is sexy. well, i don’t think she’s attractive at all!!!!

  27. Bunnii

    why do people obsess over her boobs? they are NOT BIG people!!! they’re only dd mine are G!!! mine are really huge P.S shes still pretty!

  28. Jaimee

    um..JEALOUS! shes gorgeous and she has an amazing voice..every1′s just jealous becasue they are probably ugly and fat.

  29. Natalie

    jessica simpson is gorgeous. her looks aren’t perfect–no but she is the poster child of glamour.

  30. christina

    you all are dumb fucking little girls…stop obsessing over jessica simpson and all of the others. She does NOT have fake boobs…I do have fake ones and I can always tell. Get over it. dumb asses. She is an attractive woman

  31. cj

    Ok. First of all what does it matter if they’re fake or not? They’re hers and she has a right to have them either way and she should be proud of them. And her body. She obviously worked hard for it, she doesn’t look emaciated she looks as if she’s worked out for hours at a time for months.

    PS: I work out every day, I’m a size 4 and my breasts are a size D. Everyone loses weight in different places, not all of us can lose weight in our boobs so easily.

  32. The Wolf

    I Think jessica Simpson Makes all women and Girls self-concious of themselves those boobs have to be fake!!! Even if it is possibly hard for her to loose weight in her boobs easily how can they stay the same year after year when everyone else changes huh?

  33. usmgirl4u2c

    If any of you ever saw pics of Jess when she was like 15 you would know her breasts are indeed NOT FAKE. Even her father said she was blessed with double D’s and that’s one reason she wasn’t successful at Christian music. The producers said her voluptious figure was distracting to people..which I think is ridiculous, but that’s what they said. She has had a breast LIFT, but those of you who actually have large breasts would realize, at some point (especially if you have the money) it is kind of necessary to retain the nice young shape. THe older you get, big breasts sag and aren’t pretty anymore. As far as all the other things people say about her, come on. And besides, who really cares if they are fake or not…seriously. Most women are soooooooooo jealous of pretty girls they will find anything to try to cut them down over. If a chick gets fake breasts and every girl out there gets pissed and jealous and tells everyone, men usually don’t really care. Men typically like large breasts, fake or not…that’s the truth. If they say otherwise, it’s usually because they are trying to make you feel better. When they log into porn sites, they could care less if they are real or fake…boobs turn them on, regardless. Get over it.

  34. usmgirl4u2c

    oh and by the way if you are a guy and you said she is ugly, you are either lying or gay. Come on, this girl’s got it all. Pretty face, good figure, nice voice…even guys who aren’t into big boobs and blonde hair would have to agree that she is at least mildly physically attractive. I am a straight woman and I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Most people would KILL for her figure..umm daisy duke “boots” video…helloooooo



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