Jessica Simpson’s Presence At His Game Spells Disaster For Tony Romo

Tony Romo is feeling the wrath of the Dallas Cowboy’s fanbase after airhead girlfriend Jessica Simpson proved to be a bad luck charm. Jessica, wearing a so cute you could hurl pink version of Romo’s jersey, watched him have what is being called the worst game of his career against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night. She can’t sell an album or a movie – how the hell is she going to inspire victory in a football game? Not that I know a damn thing about football but Romo threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball twice. AND he received his lowest quarterback rating ever of 22.2. Normally he scores over a 100. This was his worst game since his previous girlfriend, auto vandalizer Carrie Underwood, was in the stands. I think it’s time to ban whatever your lastest piece is from the game, dude. This ain’t Pop Warner. Some chick outside the arena that night screamed “worry about the game, not your girlfriend” at him. You tell him, Becky Sue! Tony better get on the stick before Papa Joe starts asking for private meetings to gauge his commitment. You know what happens in those private meetings. It’s why Pete Wentz won’t come visit the Simpsons at Christmas. Mr. Simpson answers his study door oiled, and in a thong. No thanks, Santa.

Photos: AP

Video of Jessica Simpson cheering Tony Romo on is after the jump.