Texans To Endure Jessica Simpson’s Terrible Movie

December 14th, 2007 // 12 Comments

As we reported last week, Jessica Simpson made a totally unnecessary remake of “Working Girl” that seemed destined for DVD. Alas, First Look (and hopefully last) Distribution will be releasing the film on a limited basis in Texas. The reasoning? Texas is Jessica’s home state, as well as her co-star’s Luke Wilson. A spokesperson for First Look, Elizabeth Wolfe, says the film is “very cute”. “t is being released in this crowded marketplace in eight theaters in Texas As an independent studio, we, as a rule, don’t have major wide releases. It’s a very common release practice for independent studios.” Wolfe also added that they will consider wider release if the film does well there. After viewing this mess, I think most Texans will probably agree that they’d rather watch David Koresh’s compound in Waco burning down again. The cycle begins anew as Jessica has now remade “Private Benjamin” except it’s called “Major Movie Star”. Send her to Iraq. Please.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Ruby Jackson

    More like…

    “Texans To Ignore Jessica Simpson’s Terrible Movie”

  2. Ugh.

    We don’t want that shit movie here! God..why can’t she just f’ing GO AWAY?!?!

  3. Ugh.

    We don’t want that shit movie here! God..why can’t she just f’ing GO AWAY?!?!

  4. Larrabe

    I saw some pics of Jessica side by side with this girl named Rebecca at http://www.wrestlingnewsdesk.com and if you think Jess has some lucious ta-tas, check out the galleries on that site! YUMMMM-MEEEE!

  5. Sounds like all Texans dont Jessica’s movie…why not give her the last chance to prove herself.

  6. Janina

    Wow..this is totally interesting

  7. Wow equating a crappy movie with the death of 75 people, including over 20 children. Stay classy J. Harvey. Stay classy.

  8. devil

    J. Harvey doesn’t need me to defend her, I know…

    I interpreted what she wrote to mean that Texans would probably rather watch old film footage of the Waco compound burning down again (as opposed to having the horror actually repeated) than Jessica Simpson’s new movie. I know I’d have to be strapped to a chair to sit through anything with JS in it.

    At any rate, I doubt this film will be successful in Texas or anyplace else.

  9. fifth_miracle

    Two cable channels>>Lifetime (if she’s lucky) and Oxygen

  10. Julie

    How did Luke Wilson get involved with this?

  11. Fuchsia

    **spits soda onto monitor** Damn, that’s a hideous pic of her. Who the hell pulled her hair back like that and told her it looked good? Yeesh.

    And Luke Wilson…why?

  12. =)

    I LOVE this movie!!! Very very very nice!!!!

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