Jessica Simpson’s Body Was Made For Sex

May 31st, 2005 // 6 Comments

A wedding ringless Jessica Simpson was out and about this weekend, feeding the rumor mill regarding the status of her marriage to Nick Lachey. Is she ready to give up the incredible sex she and Nick have?

“I have fantastic sex,” she purrs. “My body was made for sin. But I’m not domesticated. I’ve never used an iron or a washing machine and I can’t dust, cook or Hoover.”

Jessica, 24, a Baptist minister’s daughter, explained: “I didn’t want to give that part of me to anybody but the person I marry.

“After that the sex was incredible …darn red-hot. I couldn’t believe I’d let myself miss out for so long!”

Was she making up for it with Johnny Knoxville?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. seamus

    Jessica, please shut up. PLEASE. Just keep singing your bubble pop tunes and your horrible acting but please shut up please

  2. I can’t believe they would get divorced after their Newlywed series. I saw them on Oprah twice and they were goo-goo gah-gah for each other. Doesn’t ANYONE stay together anymore?

  3. Anon

    and what was her latest hit????

  4. roooz

    Sex is a sin??? hhhmmmmm

  5. dave

    Is sex a sin? Only if your doing it right.

  6. etta

    When Jessica says her body is for sin, it makes me wonder if she plans to go outside her marriage. That’s when it becomes a sin. Hope she’s not letting her fame and good get to her head. Being with the person you love and who loves you, is far better than being fresh meat for the hunter.

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