Jessica Simpson Wants You To Buy Her Crap

Jessica Simpson’s stock is dropping rapidly. She can’t open a movie and her records do even worse. So what’s a girl to do? Start a clothing line created from the hands of only the most nimble child sweatshop workers! Apparently, she also proved how truly vaccuous she is by appearing on “The View” and being unable to discuss anything but her clothing line. I’m surprised she has the brain power to remember to breathe. Sources say that she remained silent during any part of the show that didn’t deal directly with her QVCness.

“She was never intended to be on the show as a moderator,” noted an insider who alerted Page Six to the episode. “It was all a big plug for her label – Jessica barely even talked to the guests.”

The spokeslady for “The View” says that Jessica “graciously accepted” their invite to co-host and it gave her the opportunity to unveil her future Wal*Mart collection. How Whoopi and Joy keep their traps shut about having to deal with pinheads like her, I’ll never know. Are the checks THAT big?

Photos: Splash