Jessica Simpson Still A Lachey Woman

See, Nick and Jessica are still together. And buying groceries can be fun! Battling tabloid rumors that you’re marriage is over, and that you’ve slept with Johnny Knoxville isn’t so fun.

The coltish actress is said to be bridling at doing publicity for “The Dukes of Hazzard” with married co-star Johnny Knoxville because she doesn’t want to feed gossip that they had a fling. An insider tells us Warner Bros. execs had to use all their carrots and sticks to get Simpson to do a Premiere magazine cover with Knoxville.

Simpson’s PR bomb squad is also defusing a claim that Simpson slept with Knoxville’s “Jackass” cohort Bam Margera. Phil Margera, Bam’s father, told Philadelphia radio deejays Preston & Steve his son admitted bedding Simpson – and “Bam has never lied to us.”

But Bam later told the same deejays that his father “is a godd- idiot. He probably thought you were talking about [something else].” Jessica’s father and manager, Joe Simpson, tells Us Weekly, “[Bam’s] father was making a sick joke.”

So, Bam Bam thank you m’am.

Is Jessica ducking ‘Dukes’ rumors? [R&M]

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