Jessica Simpson Is Generous

May 12th, 2006 // 12 Comments

According to a poll from Forbes magazine, celebrities can be quite giving at times. The carefree and single Jessica Simpson is among the luminaries on the list. She was noted for her work as a youth ambassador for “Operation Smile”, which provides corrective surgery to poor children with facial deformities.

Bono, as would be expected, was recognized for his globetrotting efforts to heads of state to discuss the AIDS crisis and third world debt.

Angelina Jolie, the UN Goodwill Ambassador, was noted for her work with refugee agencies.

Beloved comical action hero Jackie Chan, who keeps such a low profile that no one would even have guessed the extent of his giving, was recognized for the work of a foundation he created in 1998. They have donated thousands of dollars to aid tsunami victims in South Asia and a Los Angeles homeless charity.

Forbes Says: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson Among Most Generous [Tittle-Tattle]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dreamer

    As they should…Anytime someone is blessed with that kind of money they SHOULD do things for others….I WOULD

  2. Allie

    I like her SO much more than her sister!

  3. JustMe

    When you click open the picture and start to scroll down, she looks so classy.. then you get to her ripped jeans and it’s all confusion..

  4. d.c.

    Congratulations; ‘cough [money making-hiding-your donation promotion schemes] cough’ for the humanitian efforts from some of them..

  5. D.C. don’t be a hater. Whatever the scheme, whatever the reason, whatever the PR intent, whatever – the point is these people give and give millions. As they should. They are smart enough to know that part of having that much is also giving. If for no other reason, it’s good karma for them. How much have you given to charity? Congrats to these celebs – better than sitting their ass on their Malibu beach all day…

  6. True, Ms Simpson. Yet…

    ‘Thousands of dollars’ from Chan’s foundation? When I hear of stars working to raise sums that are a tiny fraction of their salaries, I think of Palm Beach. Where, still, vastly wealthy socialites devote long, long months to planning charity events that pull in figures that don’t even total what these women spend on keeping their homes filled with fresh flowers. Screw the hoopla. Just write a check.


    Jacko: the hoopla gets the public aware of the organization and the cause. Organizations LOVE this PR for their cause gets talked about:

    Imagine Stem Cell research without the PR Christopher Reeve gave it – imagine if he quietly wrote a check.

    Iamgine Parkinson’s disease without Micahel J. Fox going to every interview talking about it.

    Imagine AIDS without Elizabeth Taylor talking about it even in the 80′s when no one was talking about it (her friends and her daughter in law had AIDS so it was close to home).

    Imagine civil rights without Bob Dylan writing songs about it.

    Imagine peace and anti-war without John Lennon doing his sleep-ins and inviting the press to come into his bedroom as he slept in for peace?

    Imagine Pediatric AIDS withoug Michael GLazer talking about his daughter dying of AIDS and making his donations to the cause public.

    Imagine Oprah not making it public that she gave 1 million to Moorehouse college? It brought attention to the all black male university.

    Imagine all the women like Renee Zellwegger not talking about Breast cancer and just writing checks? Imagine…….

    The PR helps and it should continue. When you give money, give and shout it out so people know that this cause is worthy of attention.

  8. Asslee Simpson

    I agree with Shouting for Charity. And for that matter, Imagine African Famine Relief without Bob Geldof talking about it publicly. Or Lance Armstrong just writing a check for cancer research without talking about it.

    And remember the great Audrey Hepburn and UNICEF?

  9. Ms.Honey

    Give me a fucking brake! This is all to do with a tax write off. She shows up for a few hours and leaves. Now if she devouted the rest of her life to a charity like the late great Audrey Hepburn then, maybe I could respect this no talent waste of space. Oh and Ashlee you can include yourself into that group of waste of space.

  10. Too Many Haters

    Audrey Hepburn devoted the rest of her life to UNICEF and charity after she retired from show biz. Angelina is young and is smart enough to know she needs the money her films give her in order to make a difference. I am sure when she retires she will be doing charity full time.

    Why do people think rich people have to give up everything in order to help the poor? How can they help if they do that? The key is to keep making millions and give away a percentage. Like Bill Gates. Duh, people. What is so hard to understand?

  11. Small Fry

    While I think it is great that some celebs give money and time to a cause or organization….I think I can truly say that Jessica’s is all for attention. I think she could give a rat’s ass about Operation Smile. Come on people! Do you not realize we are talking about Jessica Simpson here? Same girl who thought tuna was chicken and that buffalo had wings! Her daddy told her it would be good PR in the wake of her divorce and so she hopped a plane over to Africa, hugged some kids (only while the cameras were around though), wore an operation smile t-shirt and called it a day. And I’m sure her first priority at the end of the day was to find the nearest shopping mall.

  12. j

    what bag is she carrying?

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