Jessica Simpson Wants To Actually Drop Kids Off At The Pool

March 30th, 2006 // 34 Comments

Jessica Simpson is jonesing to be a mother. Lord. Is she in the right mind (does she have a mind), to adopt? I mean, she’s in the midst of a divorce. The upside to her yearning for the pitter patter of little feet is that she could finally use the phrase “drop the kids of at the pool” to actually mean just that.

“Nothing has been finalized yet” as to when and how Simpson will adopt, her publicist, Rob Shuter, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. But he added, “It is true that she’s exploring options.”

Shuter said Simpson and her family have anonymously contributed funds to a smattering of Mexican orphanages for several years now. The singer started visiting the orphanages with a church group at age 11.

“I want to adopt, and I plan to adopt before I have my own kids,” the pop star recently told TV’s “Extra.”

In the interview, Simpson cited a certain high profile mother as an influence.

“I think Angelina Jolie has done amazing, amazing things, and the international adoption rate just since her has skyrocketed,” she said. “It’s unbelievable.”

Jessica Simpson May Want to Adopt Kids [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. justMe

    well..Angelina can take care of herself first…that’s why some agency allowed her to adopt in the first place…
    what horrible people would let HER adopt a defenseles child???
    Try adopting someone who will teach you to act like a growup.

  2. Martin

    Pleazzzzzze. This, like so many other “sound bites” is meant to make her seem more human.

    For christ sake, if she can’t make a marriage work do to work issues (ie. sleeping around with every co-star that shows interest), she certainly has no right to have kids.

    Jessica, grow up!

    (a gay that doesn’t find you one bit interesting)

  3. Rumor

    If Jessica Simpson adopts children right now, it would be major mistake. She is much too immature. Single mothers need to be strong. She’s whiny and pouts when she doesn’t get her way. She doesn’t even know how to be a wife yet. She needs to work on that first.

    Angelina Jolie has been through the pains of life. She’s probably seen it all. She’s been married and travels. She can do things on her own because she’s independent. Jessica stills depends on her parents. She’s also quite insecure.

    Jessica may be cute and have a lot of money, but that does not a good mother make.

  4. Margaux

    And now for another favorite blonde:

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  5. duh

    Hello, this is Jessica Simpson!! She won’t have to drop them off at the pool. She will have her own pool. And if for some weird reason she doesn’t, she will have someone drop them off for her.

  6. paper clips

    this bitch is so thristy for publicity, that I don’t doubt she would do it. I am personally tired of her dumb coke sniffing ass!!!!! OVER HER!!!!!!

  7. krystyn

    HA! Angelina doesn’t know how to make a marriage work either.

    And frankly, when Angie-Poo adopted Maddox, everyone said the same thing about her. That she was crazy (remember this was when she was with Billy Bob and all gothed out and freaky) and she was unstable etc etc…which she was!

    It was after she had adopted Maddox that she settled a bit and evened out.

    So, for everyone to be singing Angie’s praises and ripping Jessica…it’s hilarious.

    Now, I don’t think Jessica should adopt either. And I thought the same thing back when Angelina did it. Thank God for Maddox that it worked out in the end for them.

  8. rumormill

    ok donations aren’t anonymous if your publicist tells the world about them…

    and saying she wants to adopt before having kids of her own…what the hell? um the “adopted” children do become your own honey. i can just see her screwing those poor children up–this is my adopted son, and oh and this is my own daughter…HUGE red flag for any adoption agency

  9. tia

    I think Jessica Simpson can do whatever she pleases. She is a grown woman and can make her own choices so if she wants to adopt let her. She just may be a good mom.

  10. DB

    I think it is insulting to insinuate that the adoption rate has skyrocketed since Angelina started doing it. Give me a break. The adoption rate has skyrocketed since about 1990, when childless couples across the country began the trend. I have yet to read one average person say they decided to go to China to get their baby girl bc of Angelina Jolie.

    That is going to backfire on Jessica Simpson bc all of those adoptove parents are going to get pissed that she is crediting AJ. I don’t mean to judge, but she represents herself to have a totally different set of priorities. Like partying and pouting that she is making up for lost time.

  11. DB

    By the way, I am not saying she couldn’t be capable of being a good mom. I am simply saying that usually when these Hollywood ladies adopt, it follows a period of settling down and finding a balance in life that would be more homey. They still work but in a different manner that I don’t see JS heading towards right away.

  12. Girly Girl


    You are wrong. I think Jolie is a homewrecker, but she HAS made adoptions of children from diverse cultures (i.e., not blong haired, blue eyed) MUCH more culturally acceptable.

    Jolie publically celebrates the diversity of ethnicity of her kids… she refers to Z as a ‘strong beautiful African queen’. She owns a stilt home in Cambodia for Mad. She doesn’t try to pass them off as anything other than what they are… and she tells Mad that he is special because they chose each other… but that this baby is special because it grows in her tummy. All of this crap was on NightLine a few weeks ago…

    Wanna the name of someone who went to China and adopted a baby girl because of Jolie? MEG RYAN

  13. ravenswing

    Oh for heavens sake…just get back together with Nick and have kids!

  14. Small Fry

    She wants to adopt so the kid can start pitching for Chicken of the Sea tuna fish and Pizza Hut Poppable Bites Pizza…oh Ice Breakers too.

  15. my2cents

    Well, this shows she is a follower, not a leader…it’s like, she needs to do what everyone is doing…maybe she feels Agnelina is steeling her limelight…Jessica hasn’t been in the spotlight as much lately…her talent cant’ keep her there, gossip will. Angelina is much more mature than this one….but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be a good mother…maybe it would make her grow up and be an adult if she had someone else to think about besides herself. BTW, I’m not a Jessica fan.

  16. fallgirl29

    jessica simpson cannot do her own laundry, clean her house..cook her food.. probably cannot even wipe her ass…perfect mother material! bring on the babies.

  17. terk

    This woman has NO IDEA what raising children is like and the sacrifice it entails to be even a decent mother. She’s not going to be the mommy, people, the nanny will.

  18. Books

    Jessica doesn’t depend on her parents – they depend on her, for every penny they have – pathetic.

  19. Silasdog

    She wants children?! She’s a damn child herself!

  20. Nicole

    Jessica , you need to get a damn puppy not a child, you ignorant, inmature bimbo, grow the hell up already.

  21. Catalina

    I think Jessica would be a wonderful mother. I have been her fan far before she was very famous with Britney and Christina overshadowing her. She stood out back then by being the “nice girl”. I dont know if any of you have seen this little known interview, or can even find it, but it was years ago, probably 99-2000, on CBS’s early show. She was on one of her many missionary trips to mexico where she visited the orphanages and played and sang to the children. It was really sweet, and she has always talked about adoption. She tells about how she used to collect all the missing children cards she got in the mail and kept them under her pillow and prayed for them. She had said one time she and her church had helped an abandoned mexican baby, and she had begged her parents to adopt the baby, but she had only been 16 and so she asked her parents to. She is a really sweet person from the 4 times that I met her and what she’s become from her TV show gives people that dont know much about her pre-Newlywed days the wrong impression of her.

  22. Rumor

    Angelina Jolie hasn’t been very successful at marriage, but I think she still has the skills to be a good parent. Maturity is important. Also, the ability to nurture others. Angelina strikes me as someone who has a strong desire to give.

    Personally, I think that what Angelina’s father said about her needing to seek professional help really, really hurt her and caused her to “snap out” of that weirdness phase she was in with Billy Bob. She said in an interview something to the effect of: she had discovered that her life with Billy Bob wasn’t real and she could not go on like that. It appears that she started branching into humanitarian work in Cambodia during the latter part of their marriage, but Billy Bob wasn’t on the same page. He wanted things to stay the way they were. He wanted her hanging all over him and kissing him at public events (building his fragile ego), because he was a country redneck who landed a beautiful goddess. Billy Bob tried hard to accept Maddox I’m sure, but I’ve always suspected that he became jealous of him. First of all, Billy already had children. I don’t think he ever wanted to be a father to Maddox. That was Angelina’s idea. After Maddox arrived, suddenly Billy Bob started acting up, chasing other women, and the rest is history.

    Recently, Angelina said that she adopted Maddox after she came to a place where she felt secure within herself. So, it was not a whim decision on her part.

    Jessica may be thinking that because Jolie was around Jessica’s age when she adopted Maddox, she can do it too. But I think that anyone can plainly see that there is a huge difference in the maturity levels of Jolie and Simpson.

    Jessica should just keep living life. She needs to date (something she never really did before marriage to Nick), deal with people, and travel far and wide to get out from underneath Papa Joe’s cover. With life’s experiences, good and bad, comes maturity.

  23. Rumor


    I just want to say that despite the fact that I think Jessica is still a little too immature to adopt, I have always believed she is a sweet and nice person.

  24. Reanne

    Of course Jessica will say she wants a baby. It makes her seem human. And if she actually did adopt? She’d be able to sell PediaLyte, BabyGap, HappyMeals, Johnson&Johnson Shampoo, Bandaids,etc. All while tossing her hair and beaming with her shiny white choppers and troutpout and selling her Delicious Edible Douche, Pizza Hut, ProActiv, Twice-Daily Valtrex to prevent herpes breakouts AND Nexium, the friendly purple pill that keeps the scary acid reflux away.

  25. Audacte

    Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were the first high profile stars to adopt and were the first to adopt a child not of the same ethnic background. We should at least give credit where credit is due. Angelina chose Cambodian because she happened to be there filming. Had she reached the same conclusion in another country, the adopted child would have been something else. I am not belittling any of these people because no matter what; a loving home is a loving home.. BUT, please do not tell me there are not American born children of different ethnic backgrounds who could also use loving homes. With all due respect to Meg Ryan’s rush to adopt a Chinese baby… I think part of the reason so many are reaching outside our shores for babies is immediate gratification (i.e., much shorter wait times) Or maybe like those tiny dogs, foreign babies are the newest accessory.

  26. Audacte

    As for Jessica (the whole point of this story)… I think were she to adopt; her mother would end up doing most of the work; her father would be waiting and watching to see if he could market the new child (i.e., a reality show as we watch Jessica deal with a child) and all in all; not a good idea at this time.

  27. Pussy galore

    Jessica is so played out thats why she made such a ridiculous statement she just wants some publicity-the bitch cant even wipe her ass properly how the hell is she gonna look after a kid-and as 4 angelina she is just a glorified slut and home-wrecker. Brad and nick are the most idiotic men 2 have fallen for such shit for brains!

  28. JulesinSD

    Get another dog first, take care of that for 5 years and get back to us. She doesn’t clean up her own dogs shit – you think she’s gonna change a baby diaper. Her hired help will. The only thing a kid will be used for is Photo Ops. More dimwits in Hollywood who think kids only need one parent. Get a DOG!

  29. former simpson fan

    she’s too fucking stupid to take care of a child. the bitch cant even do her own laundry, cook, clean or take care of her own dog.

    Oh wait….. she would have someone to do all of that for her. Give her the kid! Publicity all around! Joe Simpson is salivating…..

  30. k

    Pussy Galore:


  31. proud momma

    Leave the children to the real people who want to be full time parents. Children are not the toy of the month. What is she going to do when she gets bored with the child. There are alot of struggles to being a single parent. She is i believe 25 years old. To be a parent you have to make tremendous sacrifices. That means limiting career choices. to make time for the child. She may have her heart in the right place but she needs to show she can do it a mature adult.
    I am very happy for all those children that get adopted. I don’t think the rate of adoption has gone up because of Angelina . what I think they meant is that the focus has been heighten to bring more attention to it. Angelina is a good mother all you have to do is look at her kids.

  32. Rumor

    I wish Jessica and Nick could separate for a long time, but not get a divorce. I know of a couple that separated for 5 years, got back together and had the best marriage ever. They grew so much in that time apart and came back together stronger. Love idea of adoption too, but I wanted to see Jessica have kids with Nick. She’s just not ready now.

  33. MONDA


  34. tina

    How cynical some people are about adoption. And all thanks to Jessica Simpsons foolish comments.

    People, celebrities or not, adopting children has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie. It allmost allways has to do with loving kids.

    And sorry, Audacte, but celebrities don’t have shorter waiting periods when adopting from abroad. They go through the same procedure as everyone else. Meg Ryan’s adoptionprocedure for instance took two years (!) in total. That’s the same as other parents adopting from China.

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