Jessica Simpson’s Footwear Line

February 13th, 2006 // 23 Comments

Furthering the branding of Jessica Simpson, the singer is launching a new line of footwear. Later this year she’s set to launch her own line of collagen lips.

Beginning this month, Jessica Simpson will launch her latest project, a glamorous collection of fab footwear. The collection is made by Camuto Group in Greenwich, CT and New York, the company that holds the master license to the Jessica Simpson fashion line.

For the event, singer/celebrity Jessica Simpson will naturally be starring in ads supporting the launch her shoes, and is to be featured in ads shot last fall on a dusty road in the California desert by fashion photographer Wayne Maser.
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Jessica Simpson radiates a Hollywood-meets-Texas kind of image as she models against the hot dusty background.

“The creative captures Americana glamour and imagery,” said Mindy Gale, president, Gale Group. “We used a ’65 Mustang in some of the shots.”

The ads, which show Simpson’s shoes, apparel and accessories, will run in March issues of InStyle, Vogue and Elle. The shoes will be sold in major department stores including Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Parisian, Marshall Field, Lord and Taylor, and Belk ranging in price from $60-$160.

More photos of Jessica Simpson introducing her footwear line, after the jump.

Best Foot Forward: Jessica Simpson’s Glam Shoe Gig [Tittle-Tattle]

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sayin it

    She is starting to look more and more like her dad! She looks 10 years older in that picture. Not looking good.

  2. Small Fry

    Are the new shoes going to have the Pizza Hut logo stamped across the side?

    If her new line of shoes look anything like the nasty pleather boots she wears all the time, then no thank you…I’ll pass.

  3. candy

    doesn’t look like the proactiv is working too well in this picture …

  4. PleaseThink

    You all can hate all you want but jealous gets you nowhere. Look at those black and white pictures, that girl looks good. Stop hattin’ and give her her props. She looks good and your just mad. That is all it is. Jessica Simpson, looks good and is very marketabel because she looks good in her clothes and in print and in commercials. I would love to see pictures of you all and see just how hit you all look.

  5. LeAnne

    That girl is getting more goofy-looking by the day!

  6. PleaseThink

    To LeAnna – Said the girl that hides behind her computer screen. Lets see your ugly mug.

  7. tocutetoscoot

    PleaseThink, maybe you should go back to school and learn how to spell before you post here. And by the way, this site is for shit talking so beat it!

  8. Ldysunfyre

    PleaseThink>> Please think before you type–or at least proofread. Asskisser.

  9. saying it

    PleaseThink, I look really hit and very marketabel! Thanks for caring!

  10. Sally Jesse

    Man, her skin looks OLD for someone so young– it looks like the leather hide they make shoes out of. Bitch– stay out of the tanning booth. I bet by the time she is 30, she won’t even look like her- she’ll be all f$(ked up by plastic surgery. She is all about her looks, sad….

  11. Kim

    Please God, when is this girl’s 15 minutes going to be up?? I hope Nick cleans her out in the divorce.

  12. Lulu

    Totally, she is seriously getting annoying. The top pic is hideous! She looks like trailer trash to me, lol. I do have to admit, she does look nicer in the other b & w pics. I can’t say I’ll rush out to buy a pair… hasn’t she already done the whole make-up thing anyway? Enough already!



    IMPEACH HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kelsey

    UHHHHHHHH did you hear this was a celebrity blog?
    I say impeach jessica!!

  15. poopy pants

    I hope these shoes come in Nick’s size…

  16. doofus

    yeah, let’s all stop “hattin’” on Jessica.

    because this poor little girl has done NOTHING to earn our ridicule.

    newsflash, pleasethink…the reason she looks good in the B&W photos is because THEY’VE BEEN RETOUCHED. the color ones, which have NOT been retouched, show what she REALLY looks like, without the magic of photoshop.

    to sayin’ it, I agree with you 100%. that was my first thought…”this girl is only 24?!” I was a lifeguard for 6 years (nothing but sun for 8 hours a day), I’m almost 35, and MY skin is better than hers!

    of course, I would wear about a 52 spf…

  17. ThrillKill

    When I saw that top picture, all I could think of was the Dr. Evil song from the second Austin Powers movie…

    “They call her DimBulb…
    DimBulb is her one and only naaaaaame”

  18. hellbent

    She’s marketing that unique redneck bar whore look that you can only find after a few beers.

  19. PINKIE

    OH, PLEASE, all of you are just jealous because your man left you for someone that looks like her. She is HOT! You probably look like some martha stewart bitch.

  20. em em

    oh my gosh! Jessica Simpson is really a one hot chick.
    Go girl! love you so much :o

  21. Bri

    This is my first time on this blog but, damn i must say, there are some haters on here. Jessica is beautiful, stylish and just seems like an all around good person. Her looks are unmatched. Try to be her for a day or is that the reason your mad? because you can’t be her!

  22. wassup fessie

    Not trailer trash. Trash for sure but that bitch is still tight. We’d all ride her into the friggin’ sunset if we had the chance. Who gives a shit if her skin ain’t perfect this week. You never heard???? Ain’t nobody perfect.

  23. shar

    You guys are all just jealous!!!!!! She has got more money then you all will ever get to see in a lifetime so just shut it!!! She looks awesome and you all know it you just hate to admit it.

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