Jessica Simpson Is Confused

January 30th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Oh, the poor dear. Shopping is hard. Apparently, it’s just as hard to let go of her soon to be ex-husband.

Jessica told Nick she wanted out. Now she won’t leave him alone. “Jessica has been calling him at least once a day,” the source says. “She’s the one that wanted the divorce in the first place, and now that Nick’s finally getting on with his life, she won’t leave him alone.”

More photos of Jessica Simpson shopping after the jump.

Jessica Simpson Still Calls Nick Lachey Daily [National Ledger]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    Been there, done that. This is a classic case of “she doesn’t want him, but doesn’t want anyone else to have him either.” It’s a jealousy thing. I think she wants Nick to be heartbroken and begging her to take him back. I was that way. It’s this horrible need to feel worshipped and it’s definitely not healthy. For his sake I hope he continues to move on with his life. And I hope she discontinues the plastic surgery enhancements.

  2. fizzix

    He seems to be having fun cheering his brother Drew on Dancing with the Stars. Drew and his partner are fantastic.

  3. gossipwhore

    When is she going to become yesterday’s news… I am so over the whole Jessica Simpson thang ya’ll…

  4. Daddys Little Girl

    Wait until Daddy finds out she has been calling Nick! Bad girl, Jessica…Bad Girl! Go to your room. You need a spanking!

  5. T.J.

    Christ, she’s been annoying me for years. Anyway, who says the divorce was Jessica’s idea? Joe? Oh, okay, that makes it so. Der.

  6. Blonde Bimbo

    I don’t get this girl and why she’s famous. Can someone please explain to me what her appeal is? Seriously, anyone want to shed some light? I don’t get it…I can’t even think of one of her songs.

  7. bestdress

    When is Jessica not confused?

  8. SodOff

    The blond bimbo singer from the late 90s/early 00s appeal!

  9. She’s always confused.

  10. I

    She’s famous for the same reason that Paris and even Pam Anderson is famous…. they’re blonde. To be famous, doesn’t mean you need to act. Any way you can be in the media in a good way… modeling, politics, news…. and intrigue people, interest or amuse them… you can be famous. Just keep being in the media, and basically FLIRT and stand out in some way. It’s the same way the popular/ rich/ wild people in highschool got attention and people spread gossip about them… because they were beautiful or crazy/funny or cool. But now with these celebrities it’s on a much higher national/ worldly level. Plus the tabloids create this bravado about them. They create stories about them, like a drama or soap opera.

    I mean look at Angelina Jolie. She has been modeling and acting since she was young, but no one noticed her until the movie, “Gia” and then in the interviews, when she showed the “real” side of her, she sparked people’s attentions. Look at Nicole Richie. She’s only popular through her association with Paris in the beginning and sparked people’s attention by being somewhat of a funny, outspoken, mischevious, but adoring b****. Now she’s anorexic, and that’s sparked more interest and talk. And besides all rich people who flirt with the media or use the media will undoubtly be famous, especially if there’s something intriguing about them.

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