Jessica Simpson Turns Red

January 16th, 2006 // 7 Comments

And almost puked before he ho-hum performance at the People’s Choice Awards.

“Oh my gosh, I was so nervous,” she admitted. “I was about to throw up. But this is for the people, you know. They’re the ones who have supported me and gotten me to where I’m at in my life, and no matter what, they deserve anything I can give because they give me everything,” she told the show.

About Papa Joe? “He really just supports my decision – as a dad, whether he agrees or disagrees, he’s still going to love me no matter what.” On her friends and supporters. “I have a lot of amazing people who surround me and fans who let me know it’s not all over,” she said.

Loose the puffy red lips; they make you look like a clown. You’re too young for collegian and Botox.

Jessica Simpson Speaks Out in Interview on Life After Nick [National Ledger]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    I’m thinking you meant “collagen” unless you are warning her off the whole experience of attending a university

  2. Anona

    Methinks she’s trying to do a Bond girl. She allegedly wanted a role in the new Bond film and possibly wants to show she can be sultry with the best of them.

  3. Brian

    As one of the “people” who used to be a fan,please stop making “hilbilly porn” and calling them “music videos”.I am by no means a prude,but after watching less than half of the video for these boots are made for walking I had to turn it off.Whatever happened to the gorgeous young woman who gave us I wanna love you forever?Leave the slease and tease to Christina and Britney.It so doesn’t work for you.

  4. Cheesy

    She almost puked before her performance; millions puked after it.

  5. Fugly Girl

    Do ya ever wonder if she regrets getting those horrible lip injections? She looks like a blow up doll, especially with the red lipstick!

  6. Laura

    Look at the second picture her hands look huge her head is too big for the neck …. i smell something fishy and its not tuna

  7. Jessica almost upchucked because of her fans. Why isn’t she providing us with a limited edition upchuck photo?

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