Jessica Simpson’s Lips Make The Cover Of Star

December 9th, 2005 // 14 Comments

Gee, I wonder?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cheesy

    Oh, lemme guess Camp Simpson’s response: “The plumper lips are because she uses her Dessert brand lip plumper! It’s awesome!”

    Seriously though (well, as serious as I get), if Jessica had plastic surgery, why didn’t she get the beak fixed? Saw a profile photo of her just the other day, and it’s still a major honker with an ugly bump on it. Besides, when has this girl be out of the public eye long enough to get anything done?

  2. jabba

    Can we say “photoshopped”?

  3. JerseyGirl

    That first picture hardly looks like her, it’s looks like some little old lady. I’ve been a small fan of hers since she first came out and I’venever seen her look like the first picture. The second “plastic surgery” picture looks more like the Jessica I’m used to seeing.

  4. Ldysunfyre

    At the bare minimum, she’s getting collagen injections in her lips. They’re noticeably plumper in the 2nd pic. Aside from that, plastic surgery is NOTHING NEW for this girl. Check it out:

    So if she has had more work done to her face, it would not surprise me. It did her wonders the first time.

  5. JP Thrashya

    Pretty soon she is going to be a spitting image of Jenna Jameson. OH I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  6. paleface

    The sad part is she’s already had her nose done. No one’s nose is that narrow across, nostril to nostril that is. She’s had it thinned out, but didn’t have the bump taken off. She’s also had an eye/brow lift. Her eyes used to be kind of hooded pre-Nick, Newlyweds. She sucks. She can go away anytime now.

  7. mutterhals

    It is my personal opinion that she has epic cold sores and attempts to drown them in makeup.


    Gross I cant believe she is thinking this looks good!! No wonder Nick doesint want her anymore!!

  9. Ang

    anyone else think the old picture is a drag queen?

    could explain some things………..

  10. SMroxs

    That first picture, the “pre surgery” picture, doesn’t look anything like Jessica. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but this is just silly. It’s not like there isn’t plenty else to pick on her for!

  11. chicakms

    I don’t think the lips in the first picture look like hers, I think it’s photoshopped, honestly, I think they look like her assistant CaCee’s lips on jess’ body.

  12. LizPhairian

    What does she even do? Is she still riding the dukes wave? OH WAIT she’s got boobs, sorry nevermind.

  13. cherree

    Aww, c’mon it’s easy. She’s so happy to be back with her dad, that they make out all the time and it caused her lips to swell. Look:

  14. amber

    yeah she definetly wasn’t born with those lips. how can she or anyone else deny the plastic surgery!!! She should use it for the rest of her face!!!

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