Jessica Simpson’s First Holiday Without Nick Lachey

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If you can’t get Jessica Simpson for the first post-Nick interview, I guess Ashlee Simpson is second best. Although, I’m not sure how accurate the interview is, because I’m sure Ashlee was pretty much wasted throughout the entire holiday. [Star]

“Jessica’s doing great,” Ashlee tells Star in an exclusive interview. “We all had a good Thanksgiving, all the family was together and we had a wonderful time.

“We didn’t even talk about Jessica’s breakup from Nick; it wasn’t something we wanted to dwell on. Jessica’s happy and she’s absolutely fine.

“The only thing that stressed Jessica out was our grandparents’ worry over all the attention she’s getting. Jessica spent most of the holidays trying to reassure them that she’s OK and that everything is good.”

No word on if she how she made it through her first bowel movement without Nick.

Jessica’s Family Thanksgiving: Exclusive Interview With Ashlee Simpson [Star Magazine]