Jessica Biel Talks About Her New Movie

Jessica Biel discusses her role in her latest movie, “The Illusionist,” which may or may not be good, but I have no real interest in seeing.

“I was really interested in this woman who, in my opinion, was stuck, this modern woman stuck in 1900, but I felt like she could have easily been me, just put back in a time where I was restricted by so many things, society’s restrictions and family and all the stuff that you have to not do and not say and everything,” Biel reflects. “I was intrigued with bringing that person to life. I also had only done modern characters, who were very expressive and talk with their hands and this and that and with her, she’s just bubbling under the surface at every moment, there’s so much going on, but everything’s placid and perfect up here.”

I get bored when actors talk and it’s not from a script.

‘The Illusionist’ Has Biel Appeal [Zap2it]

Written by Lisa Timmons

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